Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 27th, 2014 - Weekly Letter


Wow, so another week gone. Seriously, these weeks go by so fast!!! I literally feel like yesterday was Christmas, and now it's more than a month later. It's so weird to hear about a bunch of my friends that are preparing for missions, and leaving soon. As we've been having more success lately, I feel like we don't have much time, because in reality, there isn't enough time in the world to be able to convert everyone, but oh well. For that, I am working really hard right now! And my work has been paying off :)

On Tuesday I think, yeah Tuesday, me and Elder Hansgen were walking around, and we took a bus out to a super far away part in our area, and we did this because we felt like we needed to go to this one lady that lived out there. So we arrived there, and the lady wasn't there. It was kind of sad, and so since we didn't have anything else to do out there, we went to the bus stop again to take the bus out to a different area. At the bus stop there was this lady with her little boy, and she started talking to us. She was very receptive and told us to stop by her house the next day. So we did. The next day when we went, we had the normal first lesson, and she accepted a date for baptism!! Oh yeah!! So she accepted the date for the 22nd of February, and she also went to church yesterday, which was awesome because she doesn't have a car, but bishop went over to pick her up. She loved it.

 On top of that, we still have our special family! We still go to their house every day, and they actually made us food for 2 days this week. These meals really meant a lot to me because this family is pretty poor, yet they made us this amazing food, and it really was amazing! They also went to the church yesterday, well at least the mom and daughter, but they're still super excited for their baptism. Yesterday we were talking about who they wanted to baptize them, and I'm going to baptize the 2 teenagers, so that will be sweet! We're still in the process of preparing for their wedding, because we want it to be very special for them.

 Also this last week was just crazy....there were random transfers, and so Elder Conklin ended up getting transferred. In his spot came another elder, Elder Ante, who is from Mexico City. None of his family is LDS, so he has it a little hard. I realized from all of this though that I am truly blessed. You guys raised me in the church, and so for that I have been so blessed. A lot of the Mexican elders don't have too much to go back to....It makes me really give my thanks for the Lord for the amazing family that I have, and for the care and support they give me. Thank you family :) For everything! I also realized something though, that the Mexican elders are a Lot different then us, and that is because they joke way too much. I like joking, sure, but they always take it too far, and it bothers me sometimes. Elder Ruiz isn't that bad though, for that we are super tight.....but yeah, I'm super grateful for my companion I have right now!!!

But yeah, like I said, thanks for everything. Everything is good here with me....except for the weather.....goodness. It gets so hot during the day already. I have sweated a few days this week....luckily today there are a lot of clouds, and so it's not too bad. But yeah, thanks for everything, have a good week, and I love you all so much :)

-Elder Loveless

I got a letter from these people last week: Bishop, Aunt Tiff (but it wasn't about the baby), Ilene and Layne, Aunt Glenda, and Grandma Val. (the cards were actually Christmas cards :P haha)
Also I got one package, from the fam!! It was the January package!! Thanks so much :)


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