Monday, November 25, 2013

"We got all the chairs to stand like this, cool huh!"

"Here's a pic to brighten your day...yeah, there was like seriously a field of these things...disgusting huh."

"Sweet new soccer shirt I got :)"


Letter - November 25th, 2013

Hey Fam!!!
So this week has been a good and interesting week all at the same time! It all started last Wednesday when we had an all of a sudden meeting with President for the whole zone. In this meeting we practiced a lot putting baptismal dates with people and also we stressed the importance of the sacrament. So we did a lot of practice that day, which was fun, and then I realized, wow, this gospel is very simple, yet sincere and powerful. If we try to put a baptismal date with someone and they say no, or they don't feel ready yet, all we have to do is promise blessings. This usually brings the spirit. After, if we ask, "if you receive an answer that this church is true before this date, will you be baptiz cced?" then usually their answer is yes. At that point, we don't need to worry, because if they're doing the things they should do, their answer will always be yes. Once we get a date all we have to do is work hard to teach them all the lessons and get them to do the commitments.
So that night, after we got back from Delicias, we had about 2 hours to work. We decided to go visit this one guy that we haven't talked to in a while. We got a baptismal date with him....the 28th of December. The next day, we went to teach another lady, and we got what? Another baptismal date.....the 28th of December as well! But this doesn't mean we give up now, all it means is that we have to work Extremely hard to get these investigators to be baptized. Once they have a baptismal date though, they have a goal in mind, and usually will work harder toward that date. The only problem is the church attendance. Nobody wants to quit work to go to church for 3 hours. This is the hardest part, but I have been praying, and I know that Christ will help us to help them. We're so close with these people.
One thing I've realized with this work, is that I am growing to love the people like Christ loves them. Every time they do something good, I get this peace inside me. Also, whenever they do stuff that they're not supposed to do, I seriously have this sad feeling inside me. You know me, I tear up a lot. I've teared up a little talking to investigators sometimes. It's weird....I didn't know this would ever happen, but it is. Now with these dates for baptism I just have these random desires to like go to their house super early and like walk with them to church and what's cuz I know that this gospel blesses lives and will bless these people's lives too. But yeah, so it's been an exciting week :)
-So I got 3 packages at the zone meeting. I got one from Grandma Val, and two from the fam! One had all my warm stuff, and the other had American food, which I love btw :) haha
-So I've gotten quite a bit of joy looking through the leaves that you guys sent me. There's the really touching ones from mom and Emma, and then the ones from Jon are like, I like your beard, and then I saw this random one from dad.....Cupcake says hi....?! I thought the leaves are why you guys are thankfull for me, but ok O.o
-So transfers were today, but none of us are getting transfered, but I'm happy, cuz I love the four of us elders in our house!
-So this last week, there's this family named Del Real. My favorite members in the ward! Every year they make a Thanksgiving feast for the missionaries, and they thought Thanksgiving was last Thursday, so Friday we had a Thanksgiving feast, it was SO good. Turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, and then the random thing, spaghetti, because like every person here serves spaghetti with everything. They always tell us we should feel at home at their house, and we do. They feel like my other set of grandparents! But they are the family that is going to the US soon and are going to send our packages/letters, so that will be awesome!
-Also, during the English class, they wanted me to give an English I did...or at least I tried. Wow, it was so bad. I haven't really forgotten English, but a prayer in English just doesn't sound normal. I haven't said an English prayer since back in the MTC. Like when I said the prayer I was thinking in Spanish.....weird.
Well it sounds like everthing is going good, I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving!!! I just want to say thanks for everything!!! I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for my family!!! I love you and all, and you are always in my prayers!!
-Elder Loveless

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Monday, November 18, 2013

"Me and Elder Whitney waiting for a bus on the rainy day."

"It rained a lot this day. Can't see the rain that well, but the reason the picture is so blurry is because of the rain."

"This is one of the bracelets I made for some of the kids of one of the families. They call me Conamor (with love) rather than Sinamor (without love) haha."

"Yeah, I shave like a real man now... AND have fun doing it :)"

Mexico Chihahua Mission with President Dallin H. Oaks. (You can see Zac by looking on the right, 2nd row back, his head is peeking out between the 4th and 5th missionaires standing there.)

Cover Photo

Letter - November 18th, 2013

November 18th, 2013

          So this last week was good, but definitely a crazy week! It started with last Monday. Since Elder Cooper is the district leader he goes on divisions with the missionaries every once in a while, so he went on divisions with Elder Hiskey's companion, and so Elder Hiskey came and stayed at our house for a few that was fun. But then the next few days were just bad....we had like no success at all. One of the days we visited 0 people. was that bad. Seriously nobody was home, and if they were, they didn't have time to talk or didn't want to. But to end the bad week, we had Dallin H. Oaks come and talk to us......oh yeah ....spiritually recharged again :)

          So Friday morning we were going to work for a few hours of the day and then go to Chihuahua, but turns out that Elder Whitney needed an interview with President, so we had to go there really early. It's a 2 hour bus ride to Chihuahua from Camargo, so we left at like 9 a.m. that day. So when we got to Chihuahua on Friday turns out president didn't have any time really to have interviews at that time, so we ended up just waiting like 5 or 6 hours in the offices. Good news is though, that I got two packages!!! I got a Thanksgiving one and one from the McCarthy's (thank you :) and I got my packages because since we were waiting there for so long, we got to look through the packages and what not. I remember you saying that the week before you sent the Thanksgiving one you sent one with an electric blanket and stuff like that?! I'm thinking that the zone leaders picked that package up the week least that's what I'm hoping. I guess I'll find out the next zone meeting. But yeah, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here because it's not a holiday in Mexico, but I am excited to have a Thanksgiving feast with all of us in our house with the food you sent :)

          So that night Elder Whitney ended up having his interview with Pres. Elder Whitney's not doing the best right now, and he doesn't really talk about it much. Elder Cooper was talking to me about him, and he can tell that something's up. Sadly, it's affecting our work, and I don't know what to do?! I didn't think companions would ever be a problem, but sadly, now I know why. And he's still a great guy, but we can tell something's bothering him. But yeah, that night we slept with two elder's, Elder Castillo and Elder Ruiz, and they were super nice and let us sleep in their beds. But the next day was the day of awesomeness!

          The best part of Dallin H. Oaks was that he spoke English, so yeah! But also, I got to shake his hand. I got to shake the hand of an apostle of God! But it was the coolest thing, and he was just super funny! He said this quote which I thought was super funny," Every time a missionary knocks on a door in Denmark, a person gets baptized in Mexico." haha oh the jokes of Dallin H. Oaks. He also said a quote I liked too about missionary work," You don't catch fish because of how long you are out of the house, you catch fish because of how long your line is in the water." So pretty much, every moment that we're out of the house we should be looking for opportunities to open our mouths, because we don't know who's out there ready to hear the gospel! But yeah, the whole thing was just amazing. And then there was another meeting later which was more for the bishopric and what not, so our bishop was there. Then after that meeting we ended up returning to our house in Camargo at about 11:30 at night...yeah, crazy stuff.


1. So I took 500 pesos out of my account, which maybe is 40ish dollars, but I took it out for Christmas presents, so yeah ;)

2. This last week I took my first 'bottle bath'. The water wasn't working, so we had to fill up bottles with the leaking water from our sink, and shower with that...haha yeah, interesting stuff.

3. Also, we're singing at church on Sunday, and I'm going to play the piano for it. In a week is the next transfer and either Elder Cooper or Elder Conklin are probably going to get switched, so this'll probably be the last Sunday together!

I know that this Church is true, and know that the Lord has prepared people for us. I don't have too many investigators but I do know that there are a few that I have that are close to baptism, and they were prepared by the Lord. This gospel works miracles! I also have seen the blessings people receive from living the commandments, especially keeping the Sabbath day holy. People don't want to quit their jobs on Sunday, but when they do for this commandment, it changes people's lives. I don't have a doubt in my heart that this church is false! How could it be? I know that families can live together forever. As parents, you wear the same mantle as the apostles. It is a big deal! Thanks for everything, and I love you and pray about you always :)

-Elder Loveless


Monday, November 11, 2013

"This is us in our house...with our edible wax fake teeth!!! haha"

"I got my first letter!!!! From Grandma Val :)"

"Now these are the best...Chokis...they're like Chips Ahoy, but better!!!"

"These little coin things come in like a ton of the food's fun to collect them! haha"

"Some of my favorite cracker/cookies...Marias :)"

"Our district :) One native....7 Americans! haha."

"More of the rainy week."

"It rained a lot this week...there was a lot of mud. I'm thankful for my boots!!"

"My haircut!!!! I cut it :) haha."

"Yeah...a family had pet piranhas."

"There 's a cool exercise park...yeah."

Letter: November 11th, 2013

      Well it was a pretty busy week, but we had quite a bit of success, as in we found some new investigators and made progress with other investigators. So first of all, on Tuesday last week we had a meeting with President. That day was awesome! So the meeting was a little about our health, and how we can protect our health more, because a lot of missionaries are getting sick and what not. That was Sister Chavez that talked about that. Then President Chavez talked...let me just say that he is an awesome guy. He looks after ALL of his missionaries like his own children. So he talked about the hands of our parents, and what they have done for us, and also the hands of the Lord. So mom, I guess you sent in a picture of your hands and a picture, so out of about the 30ish missionaries that were there, there were like 10 of us with our parents hands on the slideshow, so we all went up and talked about the miracles that those hands have done for us. And mom, you've done miracles for me with those hands.....there's no doubt about that :) But yeah. And then after us, President went up and shared about the hands of his wife, and then talked about the hands of the Lord. It was a spiritually strong meeting, that's for sure!!! President Chavez started crying when he talked about it was an awesome meeting!

     So the rest of the week wasn't too different then normal. I feel like we had pretty good success this week though. So we found these Former Investigators, like 100 papers with former investigators, and quite a few of them say they accepted a baptismal date, but most of them are a few years ago, so we took maybe about 20 of them and started looking for people, and we found a few people. So we have appointments with quite a few people who seem like amazing people this next week. We also found this lady Maria.....that was kind of interesting. The first thing she was saying is that we shouldn't be there, because it's not safe, and people have died on that road. She was insane......haha but it was a funny experience.

     We had a pretty emotional week too with some investigators. We have a investigator named Barbarita, and we visited her and she just started crying because of how bad things were going. She is probably around 70 years old, and this last week her husband just got up and left her. Wow right? Then she was talking about how nobody listens to her, only us and the Lord. She is an amazing lady, and she is practically ready for baptism with all that she has done and what not, she just feels she needs a bit more time. We have a potential date for baptism with her for the 21st of December, but she just has to make sure she feels ready for that day.

     Another cool experience. We were looking for an investigator yesterday, and he wasn't there, BUT, we found his dad next door, he was drunk, but he wanted to talk to us. This man started just bawling to us saying that he hates his life and how he feels horrible all the time, and how he wants to quite drinking and smoking and all this stuff. He just kept saying the whole night....I want to change....I want to change. It's interesting how God puts people like that in our way! Yes, he was drunk, but I also think that the way he was last night, was that he truly does want to change.

     Also, we did get a baptismal date with the family of the guy Hipolito, the guy that sells churros, for the 4th of January. They wanted the date sooner, but the mom is having another baby sometime during December, so it would be better in January. The cool thing about the family is that they pray and read the scriptures every night as a family. The only thing that they need to do is go to church and get married. They are married for their old church, but our church requires that they are married for the law. That will be hard because they don't have very much money....but we're going to work very hard with this family so that they can be baptised by this date.

1. So we have zone meetings about once a month, so therefore, we receive packages about once a month. So this next zone meeting I'm hoping to get my packages.
2. Money's fine. I found a good point of what to spend for food, and what not to spend. I keep my groceries each week to less then 200 pesos, which in dollars is about 20 dollars or less. In Mexico, that gets quite a bit though.
3. So this next week, on Saturday, Dallin H Oaks is coming to talk to us! I'm super excited for that! And also, there is a chance I'll be able to check for packages and mail because we'll be in Chihuahua, but I'm not sure because all the missionaries are going to be there.
4. Funny story.....we stopped by a ladies house to ask about a former investigator, and she said that the investigator passed away about 2 years ago. In Mexico, the word is something like se fallecido, which I didn't know for one, and two I didn't hear her very well, so I said, oh, so she's in a different then where does she live? Elder Whitney and the girl both looked at me like weird. Then Elder Whitney said in English, she died.....oh man was that bad. The girl and Elder Whitney and me just started laughing about yeah. It's probably good to know what they are saying before I talk :P
5. So I've had some interesting food. There is this food called Chicharon, and it's literally the fat of a pig....oh's like more chewy then squid. It's supposedly a delicacy in Mexico...I don't understand that, BUT, I also had this food that is like my new favorite food, it is called Mole verde con pollo. Man.....I just have to say, I'm glad I got called to Mexico because this food is amazing :)

     So it sounds like the fam is doing good! I loved the pics...22 more months!!!! haha, but I hope Emma is healing well from the tooth being pulled!! And Jonny boy, be a good boy on your date ;) Keep being awesome everyone, and I love you so much!!!

-Elder Loveless
PS, I'm going to send a package for Christmas for you guys. A member is going to the US in the beginning of December so he will be able to send our packages!!! :)

Elder Loveless, Elder Perez and Elder Hiskey at the zone activity.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Our map has one complete row! Two months down, twenty-two more to go!

22 Months to Go! Zac's been out exactly 2 months today, November 4th, 2013

No pics this week :(

So I tried to put pictures on, but the computer I chose today doesn't send I guess next week there will just be more pictures!!! So yeah, but I was going to send a pic that shows that I cut my hair. Yeah, I actually cut my own hair.....that was an interesting experience! haha, so yeah, I had a pic of that, but we'll just have to wait till next week!!!
Also I had a pic of the rain....yesterday it rained ALL DAY!!! The roads were all muddy, and since the roads are pretty bad, there were like mini lakes everywhere, and it was just crazy! I'm just glad I have an umbrella and those boots I bought....very helpfull!!! So yeah!!!
But yeah, going to send the pics next week, Later gators!!!!!

Happy Letter - Yeah! November 4th, 2013

      Better week!!! Well not too much better successfull-wise, but it was better as in my attitude, my whole spirit, was in the right place. Last P-day, after I wrote last week, we had a zone activity which was really fun......get ready for it........dream on the streets of Mexico :) In Mexico there are basketball hoops with the poles at the bottom making a soccer goal, so, it's cool because it's a basketball hoop mixed with a soccer goal! But yeah, our zone all played soccer, and I was just like, dream accomplished! Afterwards we all had pizza, and then had our zone meeting, so yeah, started off the week good!

     So the next few days weren't horrible, we had a few lessons with investigators. Then around Thursday/Friday we just found so many new investigators! Like this one man, Ricardo, just came up to us and said, hey, can you guys come to my house and we can discuss a little about your religion? We haven't actually been to his house yet, well we've tried, but it's hard to find people because they're working pretty much all the time. We also had a few references of other people and with those references we were able to contact like all of them. So all in all I think it has been a good week because now we have a lot more investigators to visit.

     Also, I swear the food gets better and better. I'm sure dad remembers, but there's this dessert like food called horchata. It's like rice, milk, and cinnamon! It's super good! There are actually drink powders for horchata which are good too! Also, there's this stuff called atoli, or something like that, and it's like a really really good hot chocolate!

     So one of the best parts of Mexico I've realized so far is that the members are just amazing! Like they're members because they want to be, and they're so strong! Yesterday was fast Sunday and there was never a silent moment during it. Pretty much the whole ward bore their testimonies! Elder Whitney was saying that that pretty much happens every time!!! They're also so friendly, and they always help us with the language. Like sometimes with investigators they're not as willing to help if you make a mistake with the language, but members help so much!

     Also, cool thing, I think since I've been a missionary I've gained this new ability on the piano to pretty much play any song in the hymn book. Last week I was trying to play the songs that were the songs for sacrament, songs I've never really played before, and I played them for sacrament. Also, yesterday, for sacrament meeting I played all three songs. Only one of the songs I've never played! It is crazy! Normally they play a CD with the hymns, but I guess now that I'm here I just got granted this amazing cite reading ability, so yeah! That is pretty cool!

1. So I went to Chihuahua to finish my immigration papers ( so now I'm legal for one year ) But there were no packages. The package system is so dumb though. When the packages get here the zone leaders go and pick up the packages for their zone, and then the next zone meeting we get the packages. So I talked to the zone leader and he said they had a lot of packages, but wasn't sure if I had one or not, so next zone conference I guess I'll see if I get the packages. It is really slow! So if you want something to be here on time, send it extra early.
2. Yeah, the canker is gone out of my mouth, but if I get another one I'll use those techniques.
3. Thanks for the fast :) It is crazy how much you can actually feel fasts.
4. Money and food are both good, I get enough food each week to live. Not necesarily extra food, but I live within my means!
5. How was Halloween? Sounds like it was fun! The only exciting thing that happened on Halloween for us is that some drunk people tried to throw some bags of who knows what at us, but they all missed. A mixture of their drunkness and our being missionaries. It was funny because me and Elder Whitney both stopped, looked at each other, and was just like, whatever! It was like 10 feet from our house!
6. Funny thing....they sell toast here. Like not even toast! haha
7. This week we had a LOT of drunk people talk to us! Weird stuff.....

So yeah, it was a better week! And if there's one thing I've learned, is that it's all about the attitude! You just have to have the attitude that all is going to be okay, and always keep your mind on the work, and working harder! That is the medicine to it all!!! So I'm excited for this next upcoming week! Thanks for all the love and support!!!! Love you all!

-Elder Loveless