Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April 27th, 2015 - Weekly Letter

Hey Family,

    Sounds like your week last week wasn't too crazy, but that's always good!  Sounds like this next week is going to be good for all of you!  There's going to be some big news next week!!! That's exciting.  That is really cool though how Vivant put an internet tower on our internet is pretty neat!  And about soccer, that would be cool if you could sign me up for a club team (but I'm pretty sure there's a team).  I've grown a real love for it being out here on my mission in Mexico.  Also, it's fine with astronomy.  I'll take it.  I took it in high school, so it can't be that much harder!  It'll be good!  But I'm excited and happy that everything is going good for you guys!!!

    So this last week was really good for us.  I feel like it was a harder week, but in the end we had a lot of success.  During the week we made a plan for all of our investigators that can be baptized in the month of May, and we realized that we have a lot.  So we've been working a lot on all of those investigators.

    This week was kind of weird because it was a cold week. Like half of the days of the week we had to wear sweaters and jackets because it also rained a lot. One day it rained the whole day pretty much without stopping, and since the majority of the streets in La Junta are dirt, we got pretty muddy that day.

    We did see the fruits of our work yesterday though, as we brought 6 to church.  We brought one of our investigators that was drunk, and he couldn't make it the whole meeting because he was so drunk. Funny drunk people in Mexico.  Also, we invited one of the youth of the ward to bring her friend, and she did it. Her friend was really interested, and she even accepted a baptismal date for about half way through May.  She's super excited and likes church a lot. 

    This next weekend though should be awesome, because we are planning on having the baptism of the mom of Rafael and Aelin. Her name is Estela. Also, Estela's mom is here, like the grandma of the kids, and we might get her baptized this weekend too, so we are going to give it our all to get them ready. Next weekend we are also going to marry Estela to her husband, because they're still not married, so that will be fun too.

    So random little cool thing that we learned. So we were walking around and there's this one park that's like in the middle of our whole area, and all of the youth from all of La Junta go there to play, so we go there a few times every week and find all of our youth investigators.  So one time we went and they were playing marbles.  Marbles??? That's like an old people's game right??  So they started showing us how to play, and marbles is SO FUN.  Me and Elder Hansen after that went to buy ourselves some marbles.  Kids here play with old things.  Sometimes Elder Hansen and I feel like we are in the 80's here. Crazy stuff. 

    Also just now while Elder Hansen and I were writing, an old weird man came in the ciber super mad, and pointed a stick at me and started chanting something and then ran away super fast.  There is no such thing as a normal day in La Junta, but I love it.  It's such an adventure.

    But thanks for everything!  I love hearing how everyone is doing. I wish everyone luck this week with everything that you're all doing.  Thanks for your love and support. Love you all and have a great week!  Can't wait to see you all in 2 weeks on skype :)

-Elder Loveless

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

"With Rafael. He blessed the Sacrament this week!!!! We gave him some ties and a white shirt. He is such a stud. He told us that his dream is to be a missionary."

"Family Home Evening. We played Futbolito (forgot what it's called in English).

"Elder Ruiz is back!!! Our new zone leader."

April 20th, 2015 - Weekly Letter


    Sounds like it's been a pretty crazy week.  Here in La Junta it was pretty crazy as well!!! That's kinda crazy all of the health problems that have been going on over there.  I'm not really sure what a heart murmur is, but Jon will have no problem.  God is forming him into the pre-missionary that he needs to be, to see how he will react to what follows.  Same with Aunt Denise.  But on the bright side, I'm super happy for Emma. She is rocking the soccer field it sounds like.  Can't wait to play with her in a few months!!!  Also, are you sure that those classes will help me towards a major in Finances???? Just want to make sure.  And're scaring me with the blind date thing.  I'm still not feeling ready for that stage of my life.......

IMPORTANT: It would be amazing if you could figure out for me if there are classes of soccer, or when tryouts are, if there's indoor teams, things like that.  Also, if you could figure out for me if it would be possible to be an ambassador.  If you could look into those 2 things it would be awesome. I would love to do both!!!

    So just like you guys, it was kinda crazy weather.....not as crazy as Utah, but during the week it was a LOT colder than normal.  On Monday there were transfers and Elder Walker went and guess who is our new zone leader?!  Elder Ruiz!!! haha, yeah again.  This is the third time I've been in the same branch/ward with him.  But we've always had success when he was there, so I'm super stoked for it!!!  

    This last week like a lot happened, but not a lot at the same time!!!!  Me and Elder Hansen changed houses, which was awesome!  A year ago I wouldn't have been able to do that, but now after being the financial secretary for 8 months, I know how to do it like the back of my hand.  We moved into a sweet house!  It definitely was a good find, especially for La Junta.

    Then we went to San Juanito half way through the week and we went with their investigators and what not.  Then when it was later at night, we played soccer against some kids. We told them that if we won they had to go to church, and if they won we had to buy them cake.  We ended up winning, but it was super epic, and super close!! I loved it!  Who knows if they ended up going to church, but it was epic. And then on Saturday for the activity, like all of La Junta showed up. We had almost like 30 youth there, some of them we didn't even know. So we had to split up in a few teams and we played soccer, and then basketball and volleyball. It was so cool.  I just can't believe how much youth showed up.

   All in all, not too much happened.  We didn't even work in our area the majority of the days, but it was a pretty cool week. After this we're going to go play soccer as a zone.  Sooo stoked!!!  This next week is going to be amazing, I can feel it!

    So yeah, thanks for everything that you do for me. Pray always.  Alma and the sons of Mosíah were saved just because of the prayers of Alma and his people.  Prayer brings miracles.  I love and miss you all so much, have a great week!!!  Take care everyone!!!!

-Elder Loveless


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"Eating at Maria Elena's house (every Sunday we eat with her)."

"My new FREE soccer shoes!!!"

"Playing soccer with the youth on Saturday!!!"

Baptism of Cayetano!

"Me and Elder Finkenthal and some of the little kids in Guerrero! This little girl was so happy that I was carrying her around on my shoulders."

"Me teaching the English class."

"Just playing kickball in Guerrero!"

"Learning how to make donuts from one of the missionaries, Elder Sanchez!!!!!"

April 13th, 2015 - Weekly Letter


    Wow! It sounds like your Spring Break was awesome!  Well.......Pretty awesome!  When I hear about Jon doing all these things like senior pics and his mission papers, I just remember those days when I was there......and it seems like so long ago now. About 2 years ago!  But it makes me so happy that everything is going good for him, and that everything is going good for Emma as well!  Sounds like the fam is doing good. The only one that I don't really hear about anymore is's dad doing???

    So this week was really good for us, and very enjoyable too.  So we started out the week making Donuts!!!!!  There's a missionary in my district named Elder Sanchez, from DF, and before the mission he was a baker, and sold what he made, so he taught us how to make donuts!!  And they were really good as well!!!!

    Later that week, on Tuesday and Thursday, Elder Hansen and I went to Guerrero to talk with one of the investigators over there.  Guerrero is about a 30 minute bus ride from La Junta.  We found out that all she needed was to realize that we're normal people.  She never told us exactly why she didn't want to be baptized, but we realized that that was what it was.  Once we just started talking like normal people, she wanted to be baptized.  She wanted the happiness that we as members have!  So this week she is going to be baptized. We wanted her to last week, but for other problems she didn't get baptized.

    Also, this week we had another baptism! It was kind of crazy.  So his name is Cayetano, and his baptism was going to be on Friday, and then it was going to be on Saturday.....but he fell through both days.  So we were like, oh well, next week we'll have another shot at it.  So Sunday morning, we're just waiting at the door greeting people as they walk in, and all of a sudden Cayetano walks in and says that he's ready, and just runs to the bathroom to start changing. We ask him for what??? And he says baptism!  O_O   Oh....okay. It was 10:00 and church was going to start, but the branch president brought everyone in and we all watched his baptism, so it was kind of cool!  That same day, he and Rafael received the Aaronic priesthood! It is so cool to see someone's progress like this. Rafael still amazes me to this day, and I'm so excited for next week to see him passing the sacrament!!!!  I had the privilege to give him the priesthood. Something I have never done, let alone in Spanish!  So that was awesome!

    Also there are changes today.....but Elder Hansen and I are staying together here in La Junta.  We're loving it here. The zone leaders are having transfers so we're going to get a new zone leader! But it'll be cool!

   Also cool fact.........we got free SWEET soccer indoor shoes for free this week!!!! So sick! I think I've gotten a lot better at soccer on the mission, but who knows!!!! But all in all it was a great week!

Thanks for everything that you all do! 
I love you all and miss you all as well!!!!
Have a great week!!

-Elder Loveless      

Monday, April 6, 2015

La Junta

"Silly pic of Elder Loveless!"

"Yeah....I fell while playing soccer....not good!"

"Eating ice cream with Rafael after the Priesthood Session of Conference. Rafael loved President Monson's talk about the priesthood and then the day after, yesterday, had his interview for the Aaronic Priesthood. He's going to receive it next week!!!!"

"1st Baptisms in La Junta!!! Rafael 19 and Aelin 9. With Elders Walker, Soelberg, Hansen and Goldsberry."

April 6th, 2015 - Weekly Letter


    I love getting your pics every week to see how much fun everyone is having and how much everyone is growing up!!!!  I'm so glad that everything is going good. Sounds like you all had a great Easter!!!!  (and Mom, I did receive the St. Patrick's Day package!!!! Thanks :)  But just how you guys were saying, I can't believe that all of us are growing up so much!!!  It is so weird.  At times I think about my life and everything, and I can't believe I'm at where I'm at. I'm growing up!!!!!!! My companion Elder Hansen is actually like a week older than me, but the members were saying yesterday that I look WAY older than him. The mission really matures you.  But it's awesome....I love it, and even more now! I love La Junta.

    So it was a crazy/good week here in La Junta Chihuahua.  It was kinda crazy, but really good.  So I think on Wednesday I went with Elder Walker, one of the Zone leaders, to an area in the zone called Madera, which is another little town that is about 2 and a half hours away.  So at Madera we went and talked with an investigator of theirs and got him excited to be baptized, and so he got baptized that same day! It was sweet!!!! So then on Thursday we returned to La Junta.

    After that, on Thursday, me and Elder Hansen went with the family Torres, and it was like the final showdown kind of a deal.  We talked with them all, and we finally got Rafael to say yes, and their mom finally gave Aelin permission to be baptized!!!  We were so so happy.  So the next day was the baptism, and it was just so special. I think that it was one of the most special baptismal services that I've had so far.  I felt the spirit so much.  I had the opportunity to baptize Aelin and confirm her as well. When we entered into the water, she was so nervous, but now she's so happy.  Aelin is really cool. Later that night after the baptism she gave me a note that said how much she loves me. She wrote that I'm her favorite, and that she never wants me to go ever. I kind of got teary eyed because we have been through a lot with her. In the beginning she just prayed that her mom would give her permission, and then whenever we came she always told us how badly she wanted us to convince her mom.  She's just this little 9 year old girl, but she's like my best little friend!!! Like my little sister here in La Junta. Also, we have another baptism planned for this next weekend!!!  His name is Cayetano.....the only thing he has to drop is coffee, but we're working with him hard this week!!!!

    And I agree that my Easter was great as well!  It was my last General Conference in the mission........I can't believe that I've already seen 4 conferences in the mission!  I got to see it in English, so that was good.  We didn't have as many investigators as we would have wanted, but it's alright. I loved so many talks.  I loved Elder Hollands talk.  I felt like it really got to me because he talked about the kid and his brother climbing, and I loved rock climbing before the mission.  I got this feeling throughout conference this year to not give up, and keep on trying.  I wrote in my notes for quite a few of the speakers to Never give up.  I also liked the one about music. How the gospel is the steps to the dance, and the music is the joy we feel from it. I liked that one a lot.  The first one from the priesthood session was also cool. Talked about how the apostles choose where we go on the mission!!!  I liked a lot of the talks, but more than anything, I think I liked how a lot of the talks were on the fact that it's not too late, and to never give up.  I also felt, like not too strongly, but a little bit, how some of the talks, like from the first session on Saturday, applied to me after the mission. Like there was one about dating right away, and to find your spouse fast after the mission, and one of my favorite quotes was, " RM does not mean retired Mormon." I liked that one a ton.  But all in all, Conference was amazing again!!! I loved it!!!!!

    So other than all of what I said, Rafael really amazed me. Right after his baptism he asked how fast he could receive the priesthood, and how he could be a missionary.  That made me so happy. He really wants to be a missionary!!!  I am so happy for him!! The Branch President interviewed him yesterday for the priesthood, and next week he's going to receive it! I'm so stoked for him! In two weeks he'll be blessing and passing the sacrament!!!!  I hope to keep in contact for him to see him when he goes through the temple in a year and decides to serve a mission!!!  Yay!!!!

But yeah, so that was my busy but awesome week! Thanks for all of the love and support!!! I love you all so so much!!! Hope you all have a great spring break!!!!  and remember....Never Give Up!!!!

Love you and miss you all!!

-Elder Loveless