Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30th, 2015 - Weekly Letter


     Every week I just keep getting more and more proud of my awesome family!  I've grown to love soccer even more in the mission, and I'm so glad that Emma scored 2 GOALS!!!!!!  What an awesome sister right?!?!  So happy for her!  And I'm also SUPER stoked for Jonny boy!!!!!  In just a few more weeks we're going to find out where he's going to go on his mission!!!  Just so many good things are on their way!  And then in just a few days mom and dad are going to have been married for 24 years!!!!!! QUE LOCO!!!!!!  Sometimes I show the pictures I have of the family to investigators and members and companions and such, and every time they think that Emma is like 18.  No, I tell them, only 14....almost 15. In this branch La Junta there are a lot of girls that are 14. Random fact. 

    So this week for us was a really good week!  So on Monday we had a sweet district meeting about David and Goliath.  We related it to the missionary work and got super pumped to work.  Then on Tuesday the assistants came and interviewed our investigators and worked with us all day, and we finally got Aelin´s mom to give permission so that Aelin can be baptized.....but only half way.  She says that Aelin can be baptized but she won't sign the baptism register. She says that we have to wait for her husband to come back to sign it.  He works for two weeks and then comes back for a week, so Aelin and her brother could have been baptized last week, but their dad doesn't come back until this week, so Aelin and Rafael are super stoked for their baptism this week, and we are too!!

    Also we finally got Pati and Cayetano married!!! Man it was soooo cool.  I don't know why, but I just think it's fun to marry people.  It's like when I was in junior high and I was the 'love doctor' and hooked people up together, but now it's for real.  It was fun because I sat them down and told them where they needed to sign and then they had to put fingerprints, and it was just all cool!  Then a few days later we had the party. Tuesday was the official marriage and paper signing, but then we had the party Saturday night. We brought a tres leches cake (three milk cake), and it was soooo good.  We went to the members and invited them, and it was just cool.  Me and Elder Hansen made them be the first ones to cut the was fun!  So yeah, now we are finishing teaching Cayetano the lessons and he's going to get baptized either this weekend or next weekend, whichever we feel is better for him.  

     Other than all of this stuff that happened in our area, there is another little town in my district called Guerrero and there are two missionaries there, so I went down there 2 different days to interview their investigator.  Her name is Karely and is 14.  I got her super excited for baptism the first day, and then two days later came back and she didn't want to get baptized anymore because she was we talked to her some more and got her excited again.  She reminds me a little bit of Emma, so it was pretty easy to talk with her.  I told her she was my sister from Mexico.  So she got baptized yesterday!!! I was really happy for her!  

    So yeah. Then we had mutual again and it was really good. One of our investigators named Alan (14 years old) came and said that he wanted to get baptized in the church, but he didn't come to church yesterday.  We're thinking that in 2 or 3 weeks he and his little brother will get baptized! We're pretty stoked. We worked really hard in March, and we are going to see the fruits of our work in Abril. I'm super excited!!!

     So yeah. Now it's going to be my LAST general conference in the mission. I can't believe it.  I remember my first conference in the was in the MTC.  But I'm super stoked. Me and Elder Hansen put a goal of bringing at least 10 investigators to the conference.  To a normal day of church, our record is 6 at church, and so we're going all out this week to make sure that we bring a bunch to all of the different sessions of conference. We know that if we bring investigators, they will receive answers to their prayers, and so this is a BIG step for us. The conference will help a TON of our investigators gain a testimony of the church. I'm super excited!!!  We're going to get another computer and watch it in English too, so that's good!

     So just wanted to remind you all to bring questions to General Conference.  I know that whatever kind of question that we bring, God, through the prophet and his apostles and those that are going to speak, Will answer our questions, and help us get to know Christ more.

    Thanks for everything!!! Thanks for your love and support.  4 more months from yesterday.....deep breaths.  Gonna dominate these last four months!!! 

Love you all so much, and miss you all as well! Have a great week!!!! And Happy Easter next weekend!!!!!

-Elder Loveless

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