Wednesday, October 9, 2013

10-9-13 Letter from MTC

I'm back again!!! So it has been a Very good week, especially because of conference, but also a Very busy week! Here's what has happened! I won't give exactly a whole week breakdown, just the days that certain experiences happened:
So Friday something special happened. So a few days last week I was praying every night,  just because I didn't feel like I was trying as hard as I could, but I wasn't really sure what I could do better. I just wanted to be the best missionary I could be, so yeah, I prayed for help quite a few days last week. So then on Friday, there were some new teachers, and so the trainer guy had to do kind of like an orientation thing, so he was just trying to find some missionaries last minute, and he randomly found and Elder Beifuss. So we were pretty much the stars of the show. He pretty much had a lesson with us, and it literally answered all my questions. It was the answer to all my prayers. And ever since that lesson, I have been doing That much better, because I have used his advice! After the lesson, the teachers got to ask us questions which was really neat, so yeah, we have been doing a lot that most missionaries don't get to do! Also on Friday, or Thursday, I can't remember, we had some representatives from the Boy Scouts of America come and look around the MTC, and so our District got lucky enough to help with that!

So then of course Saturday and Sunday.....General Conference :) Just imagine the excitement of something like the superbowl, and then that's the excitement of General Conference at the MTC. So because of the fact that I'm a missionary, I felt that like Everything applied to All the missionaries around the world! I was just So into General Conference that I wasn't tired or sleepy like once!!! I think my all time favorite was either McConkie's in the Sunday afternoon session, which was like all about missionary/teacher work, or Uchtdorf's during Priesthood session about never giving up....THAT was a powerful talk! I hope you all enjoyed conference too, because it was amazing!! Just simply....amazing :)

Monday we had something pretty cool! So Monday is one of the days that Senior couple missionaries come to the MTC, and so we got the special opportunity to be Hosts for them! It was really cool! It was kind of like when I got to the MTC, but a LOT less stressful, because the older couples would just come holding hands and be ready to work! We got to show them to their rooms and lead them to a couple more places where they picked up stuff and finally ended up in a welcome devotional. That was fun! As well as that, we did our TRC on Monday, which was really unique! We taught a lesson to a mom in Florida, who was born and raised in Mexico! After about 20 minutes of the lesson, her little 11 year old girl just begged her mom to talk to us! She was SO excited to talk to the missionaries! We got to talk to her for a little bit, which was cool! The love the missionaries receive is amazing! So after we finished talking to the girl, her mom came back and we taught the rest of the lesson to her....but oh boy can I say that like seriously every lesson I teach, Spanish just keeps coming easier and easier! So yeah, twas simply amazing :)

So yeah, besides those experiences, our "investigators" have been progressing well!! Our one investigator, Luis, had a baptismal date like the second or third visit, but our other investigator, Pedro, just barely got a baptismal date after some what like 8 lessons. But it's awesome! I'm loving teaching even these investigators, but I'm ready to go out and teach people, and bring them unto Christ, and see their love grow, even though I may not know much Spanish at the beginning! I love the MTC, but ready to get to Mexico in 5 days!!! I haven't really talked about much downer time, because I make the best of the time here, but just kind of like at home, I get made fun of a lot and teased a lot.  So I love the MTC, but I am also ready to get to Mexico, because I feel like I get along better with certain Mexicans!!! haha, so you know, people make fun of you, tease you, whatever, you get on with life because there are only 2 years of service for a mission, and a whole life time to remember it! You don't want to remember you mission and have regrets, so that's what I'm doing! Elder Hiskey has been sticking it through with me though. Him and me are keeping each other somewhat sane here in the MTC, so yeah, it's all good! God loves me and has me here for a reason! So I think this Saturday, in like 3 days, I will get to do laundry one more time here, and write to you, so expect an email that day! The next day after that will probably be the pday, so yeah!!!!

El Libro De Mormon es verdarero! José Smith ere un profeta de Dios! JesuCristo sufrió por nuestros pecados, y murió por nosotros! Mediante la Expiación de JesuCristo podemos arrepentirse de nuestros pecados, y podemos ser limpio. Yo amo este Evangelio, el Evangelio de JesuCristo, y estoy Tan animado a enseñar la gente en Chihuahua Mexico! Yo amo ustedes...mi familia, y gracias por su ayuda mediante mi vida!

-Elder Loveless

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