Sunday, October 13, 2013

Letter - 10/12/2013 Last letter from the MTC!

Saturday, October 12, 2013 - Last letter from the MTC

          So yeah, it's been only 3 days, but quite a bit has happened, so here's what's up: Thursday nothing actually out of the ordinary happened, but it was a good day.

          Friday was a very different day. Friday we had something called In Field Orientation. So pretty much it was a Very long day. Starting at 8:00 am we went into a meeting type thing. From 8 to 5:30 pm we were in this meeting. Yeah that's 9 and a half hours. But I guess we did get about a 30 minute break, so more like only 9 hours of meetings. For some reason though, it didn't feel as long as it could have, and I think that was because we were learning so much! During the meeting we talked about the field, and about things to do, and not to do, and just a TON of things! It was actually a Very interesting day, and it wasn't too bad. Not too much more than that on Friday. Oh, haha actually another funny story about in field orientation. So I have grown a very good relationship with one of the Elders, Elder French, and he is the type of elder Not to talk about any feelings or anything like that, like he just doesn't do that kind of stuff. So as we went throughout the day, I noticed him just keep looking over at this specific sister. After the meeting he nudged me and said,"hey look at that sister over there. She is the most Beautiful sister I have ever seen." I looked at her and I was just kinda like," you go for it kiddo." haha....end of story, but it was just cool to see that with an elder like that I was able to gain his trust, which he doesn't do very often (trust people). So I'm glad, and I hope I have touched his life :)

          Saturday, or today, was also very interesting! It was our last day today with our classes and what not. I have grown a Very strong relationship with our teachers and I'm pretty sad to be leaving them! My teachers, Hermano Rios and Hermano Passantino were the Best teachers ever! I loved them so much, and it was sad to leave them, but I am also So excited to finally go to Mexico!

          So today I also have had a very cool experience. So lately I just feel like I've needed to do more, so I have. In free time instead of talking about whatever, I grab my scriptures and read them in English And in Spanish. I do things that I wouldn't have otherwise done, and my improvement has grown SO MUCH! I was in a lesson earlier and I starting preaching. I was bearing my testimony, but it was SO powerful, and I was half in tears as I was bearing my testimony. The language is coming, and it's coming fast! I am going to continue like this as I get out in the field because I want to SO badly learn the language as fast as I can! I know the Lord has been there for me and will continue to be there for me as long as I do what he wants of me and beyond!

          So tomorrow is our last day at the MTC. I'm playing the piano for priesthood meeting and sacrament meeting and am really excited! We have a departure devotional and a fireside tomorrow, and after those we will be packing everything up (and were actually packing a little bit tonight), then we go to sleep! We will be waking up at 1:30 am on Monday, so that we can be at the MTC travel office at 2:30. So we'll only get like 3 hours of sleep, but it'll be okay, because I'm SO excited!

I love you all and am excited to talk to you on Monday!! Bright and Early ;)

-Elder Loveless


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