Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Letter - Yeah! November 4th, 2013

      Better week!!! Well not too much better successfull-wise, but it was better as in my attitude, my whole spirit, was in the right place. Last P-day, after I wrote last week, we had a zone activity which was really fun......get ready for it........dream on the streets of Mexico :) In Mexico there are basketball hoops with the poles at the bottom making a soccer goal, so, it's cool because it's a basketball hoop mixed with a soccer goal! But yeah, our zone all played soccer, and I was just like, dream accomplished! Afterwards we all had pizza, and then had our zone meeting, so yeah, started off the week good!

     So the next few days weren't horrible, we had a few lessons with investigators. Then around Thursday/Friday we just found so many new investigators! Like this one man, Ricardo, just came up to us and said, hey, can you guys come to my house and we can discuss a little about your religion? We haven't actually been to his house yet, well we've tried, but it's hard to find people because they're working pretty much all the time. We also had a few references of other people and with those references we were able to contact like all of them. So all in all I think it has been a good week because now we have a lot more investigators to visit.

     Also, I swear the food gets better and better. I'm sure dad remembers, but there's this dessert like food called horchata. It's like rice, milk, and cinnamon! It's super good! There are actually drink powders for horchata which are good too! Also, there's this stuff called atoli, or something like that, and it's like a really really good hot chocolate!

     So one of the best parts of Mexico I've realized so far is that the members are just amazing! Like they're members because they want to be, and they're so strong! Yesterday was fast Sunday and there was never a silent moment during it. Pretty much the whole ward bore their testimonies! Elder Whitney was saying that that pretty much happens every time!!! They're also so friendly, and they always help us with the language. Like sometimes with investigators they're not as willing to help if you make a mistake with the language, but members help so much!

     Also, cool thing, I think since I've been a missionary I've gained this new ability on the piano to pretty much play any song in the hymn book. Last week I was trying to play the songs that were the songs for sacrament, songs I've never really played before, and I played them for sacrament. Also, yesterday, for sacrament meeting I played all three songs. Only one of the songs I've never played! It is crazy! Normally they play a CD with the hymns, but I guess now that I'm here I just got granted this amazing cite reading ability, so yeah! That is pretty cool!

1. So I went to Chihuahua to finish my immigration papers ( so now I'm legal for one year ) But there were no packages. The package system is so dumb though. When the packages get here the zone leaders go and pick up the packages for their zone, and then the next zone meeting we get the packages. So I talked to the zone leader and he said they had a lot of packages, but wasn't sure if I had one or not, so next zone conference I guess I'll see if I get the packages. It is really slow! So if you want something to be here on time, send it extra early.
2. Yeah, the canker is gone out of my mouth, but if I get another one I'll use those techniques.
3. Thanks for the fast :) It is crazy how much you can actually feel fasts.
4. Money and food are both good, I get enough food each week to live. Not necesarily extra food, but I live within my means!
5. How was Halloween? Sounds like it was fun! The only exciting thing that happened on Halloween for us is that some drunk people tried to throw some bags of who knows what at us, but they all missed. A mixture of their drunkness and our being missionaries. It was funny because me and Elder Whitney both stopped, looked at each other, and was just like, whatever! It was like 10 feet from our house!
6. Funny thing....they sell toast here. Like not even toast! haha
7. This week we had a LOT of drunk people talk to us! Weird stuff.....

So yeah, it was a better week! And if there's one thing I've learned, is that it's all about the attitude! You just have to have the attitude that all is going to be okay, and always keep your mind on the work, and working harder! That is the medicine to it all!!! So I'm excited for this next upcoming week! Thanks for all the love and support!!!! Love you all!

-Elder Loveless

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