Monday, November 25, 2013

Letter - November 25th, 2013

Hey Fam!!!
So this week has been a good and interesting week all at the same time! It all started last Wednesday when we had an all of a sudden meeting with President for the whole zone. In this meeting we practiced a lot putting baptismal dates with people and also we stressed the importance of the sacrament. So we did a lot of practice that day, which was fun, and then I realized, wow, this gospel is very simple, yet sincere and powerful. If we try to put a baptismal date with someone and they say no, or they don't feel ready yet, all we have to do is promise blessings. This usually brings the spirit. After, if we ask, "if you receive an answer that this church is true before this date, will you be baptiz cced?" then usually their answer is yes. At that point, we don't need to worry, because if they're doing the things they should do, their answer will always be yes. Once we get a date all we have to do is work hard to teach them all the lessons and get them to do the commitments.
So that night, after we got back from Delicias, we had about 2 hours to work. We decided to go visit this one guy that we haven't talked to in a while. We got a baptismal date with him....the 28th of December. The next day, we went to teach another lady, and we got what? Another baptismal date.....the 28th of December as well! But this doesn't mean we give up now, all it means is that we have to work Extremely hard to get these investigators to be baptized. Once they have a baptismal date though, they have a goal in mind, and usually will work harder toward that date. The only problem is the church attendance. Nobody wants to quit work to go to church for 3 hours. This is the hardest part, but I have been praying, and I know that Christ will help us to help them. We're so close with these people.
One thing I've realized with this work, is that I am growing to love the people like Christ loves them. Every time they do something good, I get this peace inside me. Also, whenever they do stuff that they're not supposed to do, I seriously have this sad feeling inside me. You know me, I tear up a lot. I've teared up a little talking to investigators sometimes. It's weird....I didn't know this would ever happen, but it is. Now with these dates for baptism I just have these random desires to like go to their house super early and like walk with them to church and what's cuz I know that this gospel blesses lives and will bless these people's lives too. But yeah, so it's been an exciting week :)
-So I got 3 packages at the zone meeting. I got one from Grandma Val, and two from the fam! One had all my warm stuff, and the other had American food, which I love btw :) haha
-So I've gotten quite a bit of joy looking through the leaves that you guys sent me. There's the really touching ones from mom and Emma, and then the ones from Jon are like, I like your beard, and then I saw this random one from dad.....Cupcake says hi....?! I thought the leaves are why you guys are thankfull for me, but ok O.o
-So transfers were today, but none of us are getting transfered, but I'm happy, cuz I love the four of us elders in our house!
-So this last week, there's this family named Del Real. My favorite members in the ward! Every year they make a Thanksgiving feast for the missionaries, and they thought Thanksgiving was last Thursday, so Friday we had a Thanksgiving feast, it was SO good. Turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, and then the random thing, spaghetti, because like every person here serves spaghetti with everything. They always tell us we should feel at home at their house, and we do. They feel like my other set of grandparents! But they are the family that is going to the US soon and are going to send our packages/letters, so that will be awesome!
-Also, during the English class, they wanted me to give an English I did...or at least I tried. Wow, it was so bad. I haven't really forgotten English, but a prayer in English just doesn't sound normal. I haven't said an English prayer since back in the MTC. Like when I said the prayer I was thinking in Spanish.....weird.
Well it sounds like everthing is going good, I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving!!! I just want to say thanks for everything!!! I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for my family!!! I love you and all, and you are always in my prayers!!
-Elder Loveless

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