Monday, November 18, 2013

Letter - November 18th, 2013

November 18th, 2013

          So this last week was good, but definitely a crazy week! It started with last Monday. Since Elder Cooper is the district leader he goes on divisions with the missionaries every once in a while, so he went on divisions with Elder Hiskey's companion, and so Elder Hiskey came and stayed at our house for a few that was fun. But then the next few days were just bad....we had like no success at all. One of the days we visited 0 people. was that bad. Seriously nobody was home, and if they were, they didn't have time to talk or didn't want to. But to end the bad week, we had Dallin H. Oaks come and talk to us......oh yeah ....spiritually recharged again :)

          So Friday morning we were going to work for a few hours of the day and then go to Chihuahua, but turns out that Elder Whitney needed an interview with President, so we had to go there really early. It's a 2 hour bus ride to Chihuahua from Camargo, so we left at like 9 a.m. that day. So when we got to Chihuahua on Friday turns out president didn't have any time really to have interviews at that time, so we ended up just waiting like 5 or 6 hours in the offices. Good news is though, that I got two packages!!! I got a Thanksgiving one and one from the McCarthy's (thank you :) and I got my packages because since we were waiting there for so long, we got to look through the packages and what not. I remember you saying that the week before you sent the Thanksgiving one you sent one with an electric blanket and stuff like that?! I'm thinking that the zone leaders picked that package up the week least that's what I'm hoping. I guess I'll find out the next zone meeting. But yeah, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here because it's not a holiday in Mexico, but I am excited to have a Thanksgiving feast with all of us in our house with the food you sent :)

          So that night Elder Whitney ended up having his interview with Pres. Elder Whitney's not doing the best right now, and he doesn't really talk about it much. Elder Cooper was talking to me about him, and he can tell that something's up. Sadly, it's affecting our work, and I don't know what to do?! I didn't think companions would ever be a problem, but sadly, now I know why. And he's still a great guy, but we can tell something's bothering him. But yeah, that night we slept with two elder's, Elder Castillo and Elder Ruiz, and they were super nice and let us sleep in their beds. But the next day was the day of awesomeness!

          The best part of Dallin H. Oaks was that he spoke English, so yeah! But also, I got to shake his hand. I got to shake the hand of an apostle of God! But it was the coolest thing, and he was just super funny! He said this quote which I thought was super funny," Every time a missionary knocks on a door in Denmark, a person gets baptized in Mexico." haha oh the jokes of Dallin H. Oaks. He also said a quote I liked too about missionary work," You don't catch fish because of how long you are out of the house, you catch fish because of how long your line is in the water." So pretty much, every moment that we're out of the house we should be looking for opportunities to open our mouths, because we don't know who's out there ready to hear the gospel! But yeah, the whole thing was just amazing. And then there was another meeting later which was more for the bishopric and what not, so our bishop was there. Then after that meeting we ended up returning to our house in Camargo at about 11:30 at night...yeah, crazy stuff.


1. So I took 500 pesos out of my account, which maybe is 40ish dollars, but I took it out for Christmas presents, so yeah ;)

2. This last week I took my first 'bottle bath'. The water wasn't working, so we had to fill up bottles with the leaking water from our sink, and shower with that...haha yeah, interesting stuff.

3. Also, we're singing at church on Sunday, and I'm going to play the piano for it. In a week is the next transfer and either Elder Cooper or Elder Conklin are probably going to get switched, so this'll probably be the last Sunday together!

I know that this Church is true, and know that the Lord has prepared people for us. I don't have too many investigators but I do know that there are a few that I have that are close to baptism, and they were prepared by the Lord. This gospel works miracles! I also have seen the blessings people receive from living the commandments, especially keeping the Sabbath day holy. People don't want to quit their jobs on Sunday, but when they do for this commandment, it changes people's lives. I don't have a doubt in my heart that this church is false! How could it be? I know that families can live together forever. As parents, you wear the same mantle as the apostles. It is a big deal! Thanks for everything, and I love you and pray about you always :)

-Elder Loveless


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