Monday, December 23, 2013

Letter - December 23rd, 2013

December 23rd, 2013
     Wow! This week we did so much, and it was one of the best weeks in the mission, like everything we did was fun, and I was happy! So it started as a normal week, not much too different, we worked last week and just did the norm. On Friday though we were supposed to go to Delicias a little bit later that day, and so we went, and this was my favorite part.
     So as zones we have activities every once in a while, so this day we went to Delicias and we went to a plaza where we sang Christmas hymns and then we shared with people after a little message and then got their addresses. So while the zone was singing they wanted like 2 missionaries to go out and just gather people. That night I just had so much excitement, and so me and an elder, Elder Compozano, went out to gather people. Haha it was just soooo fun! We literally were running around the place. When we saw people on the other side of the plaza we booked it to get them to stop and come back and listen. Me and him together got at least like 20 people to come back and listen to us. Elder Compozano was so funny, if there was ever a person that didn't want to go, he would like jump in front of them and try all he could do to get them to listen to us, and we had success!!! Most of the people that we brought back with us to listen to us were super interested in the gospel, so just like that, bam, tons of references for Delicias. The sweet part is that we're going to do the same thing in Camargo too...I'm so excited!!! So then that night we slept in Delicias so that we could go to Chihuahua early the next day.
     The posada, or party, was super fun too! We all met in Chihuahua and we all gathered with past friends and what not, and then we had a bunch of spiritual thoughts and singing and then food! The food was super good, it was like almost American food! Potatoes and rolls and all of that stuff!!! So after the food we went out to break piñatas, and then Santa came! I thought Santa spoke only English....but I just realized he can talk all languages, haha ;) So yeah, Santa gave us stocking things that have a lot of candy, but a lot of the candy has chili on it....not my favorite, but I'm not going to lie, I'm starting to like the chili candies.....weird. So yeah, after Santa, all of us got the packages we was like Christmas for real. That was fun!!! Then we headed back to Camargo.
      So yeah, during this whole time we also found out that Elder Whitney had cambios, or changes, transfers. So yesterday we came in a little bit early and Elder Whitney packed. And it was a lot sadder then I would have thought. Sure me and Elder Whitney didn't have the best success, we weren't the best missionaries, but I grew close to him. It was sad to let him go this morning, but now I have a cool new companion Elder Hangsen. I don't know much about him yet, but I think we're going to have a good time! Since we're still in Camargo now I have to show the way around and all of that, it's crazy!
     So yeah, that's the update, and here's the rest
-On Christmas I get to call you guys, we have a member that has skype, and I get to call at about 12:30 pm. So if you guys could figure out what skype account you will be using and then send me the user name so that I can search you guys and call you! I'm super excited :)
-So I got two packages, one from Grandma Val and one from the Barney family!!!! Thanks sooooooo much :) I also got a handwritten letter from Grandma Val and Grandma Barbara!!!
     So yeah that's about it, much better week last week, and I'm super excited to call you guys on Christmas!!!! 12:30 more or less and all I need is for you guys to send me the user name that I will search for!!! Thanks so much for everything, and I love you all sooooo much :)

-Elder Loveless

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