Monday, December 2, 2013

Letter - December 2nd, 2013


Well at this point I feel decently comfortable with the area and being in's weird, but I'm getting to that point where it's like I feel pretty accustomed to everything. Sure, things are still pretty different, but it has implanted it's roots as my life now, and I know I have to do it, so I gotta do it the best I can, right?! :)

But this last week there was one day that I learned a lesson that affected me big time and will help shape the rest of my mission I think. So a few days ago, Wednesday I think, we were just kind of walking around, we didn't have too solid of plans, just a few people to visit that we didn't even know if they'd be there. For like the past week I have been feeling strong about visiting this guy that we met like 2 weeks ago, and so we went to his house. Knock, knock. Nobody answered. This day was also colder, so we were just thinking, are we going to have success today or not?! So we start walking back down the street, and we walk past this guy that was hugging a tennis racket and just sitting by a house, looking super sad. This guy called to us, and then walked toward us. He started crying, and said he'd been praying for help for a while, and then we showed up. He started telling us how he works as a tennis coach because that's his passion, but he doesn't have too much success because not very many people play tennis, so therefore he doesn't have very much money. He started saying how he would get beat up when he went home every night because everyone made fun of him and what not, and it was just so sad. He said he just barely starting drinking to take away the pain he has been feeling. Just the saddest story, and he was crying the whole time, just desperate for help from God, from us. So he asked for us to say a prayer for him, so in the middle of all the ruckess of Mexico we said a prayer, and he felt more calm after he said. So we found out where he lived and then continued our day, just thinking about this man. Later that night while Elder Whitney was showering, I was writing in my journal and writing about the experience, and started crying. I started to think to myself, why do people do this to this poor guy that maybe is a little weird, but is normal. Why....and I just cried. And in that moment I got this feeling, and these words came to my mind," Zac, this is how God feels about his children." And I realized, wow, we have an obligation to all of these people, and we need to help everyone because there are people dying spiritually left and right in the world. So from that experience I experienced Godly is one experience that I will never ever forget.

So besides that, last week on P-day we went to Delicias and we played soccer on like a professional soccer turf field, that was pretty sweet!!! Also, it's freezing cold in Mexico, who would've guessed. I'm so glad that I got all of those warm things in that package, thanks :)


1. So I haven't got any packages this past week, but I think this week I will be getting some, so yay!!!

2. WE HAD INVESTIGATORS AT CHURCH YESTERDAY!!!! The churro guy and his family came to church was I happy! We haven't had investigators at church since before I came to Camargo, so it was a big deal!!!

3. So I had a conversation with a taxi driver, and we were just talking, and he questioned if I was from the US or Mexico. He said my accent was perfect and I could understand him like perfect. Yeah, I guess I can speak Spanish pretty well, but a long ways from perfect!

So yeah, again I'd just like to say that this church is true. I have never felt so sure about something then I do now about the church and the mission. I love the experiences I have, even though sometimes the experiences are sketchy, because this mission is preparing me for life, but also helping the people that don't have this amazing gospel in their lives. So yeah, thanks for all the love and support from everyone!! Love you all :)

-Elder Loveless

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