Monday, December 9, 2013

Letter - December 9th, 2013

December 9th, 2013


Well, this last week hasn't been the greatest week of my mission, quite frankly it has been one of the weirdest. So last Monday, so a week ago, Elder Cooper was in a meeting in Chihuahua so we ended up not having a district meeting, so we just chillaxed in the house until 4, and then we worked some more. So then on Tuesday we went down to Delicias for a meeting with the zone leaders, and in that meeting we found out that Elder Cooper was going to be a zone leader for the other zone in Delicias. Also, in that zone meeting I got 3 packages, the two Christmas ones from you guys, the fam, and then one from the Tillack's, which I think is Mikey and Dana, so thanks so much :) After the meeting we went back to Camargo and we ate with the family Del Real, which like I've said before, they have the best food and are always so nice to us. They are leaving either Thursday or Friday this week, and they're going to send a package and a few letters in the states, so I don't know if the package will get there before Christmas or not, but just know it's for Christmas. So later that day not much happened, but Elder Cooper packed up so he could move to his new area in Delicias the next day.

So then on Wednesday a new elder, Elder Norris, moved in to take the place of Elder Cooper. Elder Norris is our new district leader, and he is from the same MTC district as my companion, Elder Whitney. So Elder Norris got here early that day, and he and Elder Conklin were able to make it to the food at 3. So this is why I think this week was the weirdest and most disturbing week of my mission, and it's because of this experience:

So right after we ate the food, we were walking towards the house we were going to go to next, when this woman looking person walked up to us and asked if we could talk with her about Christ and what not. Elder Whitney was saying that we had only a little bit of time, so we decided to go and teach it for 5 minutes or so. So we went in it's backyard, and it let us sit down. Notice how I say it, because it was neither a male nor female. So we started to talk, and then I started to talk a little bit about the gospel, and every time I talked it said how cute I sounded, and how cute I was. It then asked it's mom if it could buy me. Yeah we were freaked we told it we had to leave, and as we were leaving it tried to show us it's room, and it told us that that room was when she was a girl. I guess it had two rooms, one for when it was a girl and one for when it was a guy. So that has been by far the worst experience of my mission, and far more disturbing than anything so far.

So then Thursday, Friday and Saturday we didn't have anything too special happen, just the normal days of work. And yesterday was also a bad day. So I was feeling fine, up until we went back to the house after church to do some study time. During study time I started to not feel so good, and I just was thinking, oh I'm just tired or something, because I was really tired. But then when we went to the food, and sat down to eat, I started to eat and just couldn't. The food was rice, beans, and this chicken stuff, and I just couldn't eat it. My stomach just felt so full, and in pain. So first I felt super bad because I hadn't eaten their food, so I asked for something to bring the food back in on, so I brought the food back. On the way back, the new elder, Elder Norris, threw up. About 15 minutes later when we were walking back I threw up as well. It was just on the side of the road and I'm pretty sure everyone was looking at me. So then when I got back to the house after the food I called Hermana Chavez and told her I just wasn't feeling good at all, and I asked if I could rest the day, and she let me. So like an hour or two later I threw up again. I tried to sleep during this time, but I was like the kind of sick that I couldn't sleep. I was in so much pain yesterday. It wasn't a good today I feel better, but still I just feel exhausted, and sore from yesterday. So yeah, I feel a little bit better, but not much, just I'm not throwing up and what not. I'm thinking it might be from something I ate, but I'm not sure.

So yeah, that was my week, and my day yesterday. Thanks for the packages, and thanks for all the love and support, I can feel it every day! I love you all and hope you have a good week this week!
-Elder Loveless


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