Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17th, 2014 - Weekly Letter


          Well this week was pretty good! There's been a lot of stress, but at the same time not, as with the more time here the more comfortable and normal it feels to be here. What happens is that we get in a groove here where everything just seems normal. Like when I think about how I lived before the mission it is hard, like it's a faded memory, which is sad. Like I can remember everything, but it doesn't seem normal anymore. The mission seems normal. But yeah, it's good times!!!

          So I say that it was stressful because a lot of, I guess you could say Disappointments, have happened this week, and it all started with are 'once was' Golden investigator, our investigator Elisabeth, who started out amazing. She has almost finished reading the book of Mormon which is awesome, but she fell this week. I don't think I should give details because of the personal nature of the situation, but she fell, and we found out a LOT, but at the same time we are super confused because at times supposedly she was not drunk when she was, and all that kind of stuff, so when people are drunk they aren't thinking what they are saying, so we don't really know what the truth is at this point. But yeah, things get tough. Right when you think the missionary work has gotten easy, it has just got much, much harder. So now we had to cancel her baptismal date for the 1st of March to another future date.

          On top of that our other sets of investigators, like our family, and the other lady Stephanie, couldn't go to church, and they need a certain number of times before they can be baptized, so their dates were changed too. So now all of our investigators have baptismal dates more in the future, but not by much.  In like 2 weeks Stephanie and the family will be baptized. So yeah, it's been kind of rough, but there's not much more that we as missionaries can do. So yeah.

          But yeah, besides that I've had some cool experiences which have helped me grow! First experience was with the 12 year old son of our investigator family. So we were waiting outside their house for a taxi to come pick us up, and the 12 year old son was waiting outside, his name is Francisco, and so we were just talking, and these 3 or so teenagers passed us, 3 boys, with earrings and tattoos and everything, and I turned to Francisco and I said, "Francisco, never be like those boys. You have something that they don't have....the gospel."  And he just smiled and said thanks. In that moment it brought me back to the times when mom would tell us that exact same thing. I didn't realize it, but I'm growing up....whoa. But it was a cool parent-like experience.

          Other than that, not too many really cool experiences, except I told myself after seeing what happened with our investigator Elisabeth that I will never be like her husband, but yeah. One learns a lot while serving a mission! But this week I saw something that I have never seen. A Roadrunner. Yeah, it was cool. But that means it's getting hot. I swear's only February and the temperature is already like in the 80s, almost the 90s if not the 90s. And guess what.......the people here are still wearing jackets!!!!!!! Yeah....the members have told us that in the summer it gets so hot that it literally burns people's skin....yeah I don't know if that's gonna be fun.....that just means a LOT of sunscreen. I guess it gets to like 120 every day for 2ish months more or less. We sweat stinks sometimes. But yeah, something cool. We got a Washer this week!!! So now we don't have to wash clothes by hand! Washing clothes by hand wasn't too bad, but it took SO MUCH TIME. So yeah, President bought us a washer. What a cool president huh ;)

          So yeah, all has been well, today we find out about changes...transfers. I have here a lot of time, more than 4 months, so there's a possibility that I change areas, but who knows...we'll find out tonight!!! So yeah, have a fun week family, Love you all soooo much!!!

-Elder Loveless

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