Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February 24th, 2014 - Weekly Letter


Well, this last week was good! I ended up staying!! It's crazy though, cuz I have almost been in this area for 5 my first area.....yeah crazy.....but I feel like not too much happened this last week, but at the same time we found a lot of new people to teach, and we also talked with the investigators that we already have. We have been working really hard with the family we have, and guess what??? Their baptism is this Friday, the 28th of Feb. The whole family of 5! Man it has been such a crazy ride preparing them for their baptism. We have gone to their house almost every day, teaching and re-teaching lessons so that they can have this information implanted in their heads. And they're ready! So yeah this Friday is going to be an awesome day! But it's even more special then that............dun dun dun...............our investigator Stephanie also is going to be baptized this Friday! With her it has been different because we have only been able to visit her like once a week because she works every day from like 2-10 pm. But we have taught her everything and she told us that she feels ready for baptism. So yeah.......but wait.......the other two elders here in Camargo, Elder Ruiz and Elder Ante, also have a baptism on Friday, and she is super cool too! So in total, we are having 7 baptisms this Friday! All of us are going to participate in the baptisms, so it's going to be a very special and sweet day!

It is soooo good to see the success, and as Alma tells us in Alma 26, we give our praise to God, who has helped us all the way long. When I started my mission, as you guys know, I struggled, but now we have found the secret. We just have to find the chosen people...the people that have already been set aside to hear the gospel, and there are a super lot of them! Like right now we have plenty of other investigators also that we are working with. Along with all of this success are more stories that are super weird and funny and everything. We have encountered a lot of things all the way from thousands of drunk people talking to us every day, to a 12 year old girl 6 months pregnant. Also, this last week I almost pegged one of the other elders, not my companion, because he has been bugging me ever since he got here, and yesterday he slapped me really hard for no reason on my back, and I was already tired, so I almost pegged him, but held it in. Just like everyone says, there are always those elders that just bug you to the point of anger. I'm just glad he's not my companion. But yeah, you really learn traits that you want in your future spouse from the elders that you encounter in the mission. But yeah.....The mission is filled with a LOT of hardships, but accompanied with success and happiness. It's awesome.......except for the sun.....the sun is killer.....and it's only February. But yeah,

Thanks for everything, I love you all! Hope you all had fun in Disneyland!!!
-Elder Loveless

....So I haven't received any packages, we haven't really met as the zone in a while, well we did last week, but they didn't have anything.
Love you all!

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