Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February 3rd, 2014 - Letter

Dear Family,

Man does the time fly by!!! I've thought about why it has been going so fast all of a sudden, and I think it's because of the all day work we've been having. We have had so much work to do here in Camargo. Yesterday we set another date for baptism on the 1st of March, and so right now we will be having baptisms 3 weeks in a row :) We should be having our family of 5 baptized on the 15th of February, and an investigator named Stephanie on the 22nd of February, and this new lady, Elisabel, on the 1st of March. Man, the work here is so crazy. At first when I got here we were having nothing, like nothing literally, but now it's like some kind of a bomb went off, but a good bomb, of course! Besides these people, we have our many other investigators, who are also close to being able to be baptized. The joy and happiness you receive from seeing people change is the best feeling in the world, and it just makes me so happy, and just all of us missionaries are so much more happy and what not!

So yeah, other than putting the date with the one investigator that we have, we have just continued with the work! Not too many crazy things have happened, but as I said, we have had so much more fun, and have been having more success at the same time. So Elder Hangsen completed 6 months in the mission, and so we had like this funny ritual thing! Haha, so all of the elders burn a tie at the 6 month mark, a shirt at the 1 year mark ,and a pair of pants at 1 year and 6 months, so we collected some leaves, and then lit them on fire, and Elder Hansgen lit his tie on fire, and we started prancing around the fire saying: 6 meses, 6 meses, 6 meses ogaboga ogaboga. Haha, like I said, we are all just having so much fun, but at the same time doing the work exactly how it should be done. If we are obedient, and work how we should, we will be happy. And, who wants to trudge through their whole mission sad.....not me. It's only 2 years, I wanna work hard and remember these years as the best 2 years!

But yeah, so I'm sorry there's not too much it this email. Not much happened this week. I just feel that the work gets better and better as the time gets on. Also last night us 4 in Camargo, made a video, like a video entry, and it was pretty fun. But yeah, thanks to all of you for all the love and support, because I couldn't do it without you all!! I love you and may the work hasten still! Oh, also, in just a little more than a week we are going to get the dad and mom of our family married, and we are all going to buy flowers to put on our suit jackets. After we are going to buy some cake and drinks and stuff and we are going to have a little party thing! Man I'm so excited!!! But yeah, be careful all of you, and I love you all!!!

-Elder Loveless


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