Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10th, 2014 - Weekly Letter


So this last week was good! It was a chillax week, but in no way bad. To be completely honest, I think this last week was the most normal week that I have had yet in the mission. Like every day we just woke up, studied, went out to preach, and came home to go to bed. Well there was one little tweak, but that was just because we had a zone meeting last Tuesday. So yeah, I'll try to give more details...

So last Monday in the afternoon, like after we wrote and everything, the missionaries from Saucillo came to Camargo and we played a little bit of soccer. We had our district meeting after that, and then that was about it for Monday. On Tuesday we had our zone meeting, and so we arrived in Delicias at 10:00 a.m, and then we were at our meeting from 10-2. It was a good meeting! The rest of the day was just normal as well, until the night. Because Tuesday was my 6 month mark, at night we went in the backyard and I burned a tie. It's a tradition for the missionaries to burn a tie for the 6 month mark, so that's what I did! It was pretty funny. We all did a little dance around the fire singing, boogalooga.

The rest of the week, Wednesday through Sunday wasn't much different than any other day. Throughout the days though we have found some new investigators which has been pretty sweet! One of the best parts of the teaching is when you find a new investigator and just barely start to teach them. The first few lessons are like always the best! Sadly, this Sunday we didn't have any investigators at the church. It's been a while since we haven't had anybody, but it's okay. It's bound to happen at least a few times. So yeah!

So lately I've been studying the Book of Mormon really good so that I can know the Book of Mormon super super good, like the stories and everything. Right now I'm in Alma 3. I'm reading the book kind of slow but it's because I'm taking notes on every chapter. I have a little notebook and I'm keeping notes in it for every chapter, so I'm really trying to analyze all of the details. Oh I forgot, on Sunday I actually gave a talk and that was super fun. Giving a talk is actually kind of fun now! I talked about the 2nd coming and how it is near. I put a lot more into it though. So yeah. Other than that, the Book of Mormon is amazing! There couldn't be a more true book in all of the world, and I have a testimony of that!

So yeah, thanks for all the continued love and support! The missionary work never ceases to amaze me! The mission life is the life to go ;) Love you all so much! Take care!!
-Elder Loveless

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