Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17th, 2014 - Weekly E-mail


So things have been super good!! A little bit hard, but super good, and yes, I'm still here in good Ole Camargo!! Actually, we don't even have transfers for another 2 weeks...2 weeks from today. I don't know if I'll get transferred or not. I have heard of another elder who was here in Camargo for I think 7 weeks, and I've even heard of missionaries that have stayed in an area for 9 months, but I think I would rather see a new area after about 6 months or so. Yeah I know the area super good and everything, but it'll be nice to see new areas because Camargo is one of the small hodunk towns of Mexico. So yeah, but we'll see in another 2 weeks, and actually, at this point I have just over 5 months in Camargo.

So this last week has been a little hard. Kind of like at the beginning of Camargo. Me and Elder Hansgen realized that the only investigators that we have at this point are people that aren't really progressing and really don't want to change either. So we realized this on Saturday I think. So yeah, now we're at the point of searching for investigators again.

Funny story for the week. So yesterday we had like a devotional-wedding reception type of thing, and right before we went we found one of our investigators that has been really hard because she has continued drinking and doesn't want to give it up, and so we found her on the street, drunk again. We asked her the last time that she had drank, and it was that morning. So the alcohol had just barely started kicking in. We thought the best thing to do was to bring her to the devotional because we would hear some spiritual thoughts and things like that, so we called a taxi and went. I guess when people are drunk and they are inside the alcohol works more, so she went kind of crazy inside the church. During the talks and stuff she started fake shooting Elder Ruiz with her hand, and then started blurting out things to the people that were giving the talks. At the end she yelled, HAPPY MARRIAGE, and it was super awkward because me and Elder Hansgen were sitting by her and everyone was looking at us. Man, she was like a little kid that we couldn't control, but at the same time, we all got a good laugh at it all. At the end, the bishop brought her back to her house, and she like grabbed my arm and almost started crying and was like, no, I'm scared, don't let them take me. It was all just a funny night.

Other than that, today, well this morning, our district climbed a mountain that is here in Camargo. It's not anything like the mountains in Utah, but it was a good climb. It was round trip like 3 hours, but it was a good district activity. That's why I'm writing so late. But yeah, so one of the members, actually the old bishop, brought us up to the mountain and actually waited for us the whole 3 hours, and then brought us back to town. So that was super fun. In Chihuahua there are not too many cool things like Dad saw in his mission, but there are a few cool things like the was a good experience.

So yeah, thank you guys for everything, hope you all enjoy your Saint Patrick's Day!!! Love you all, and the pictures aren't really loading very well because we're in a different internet cafe, so I might send a few, but if not the next week I'll send them all. I took lots of photos of us today!!!

Love you all, talk to you in a week again!!!
-Elder Loveless

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