Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 24th - Weekly Letter

Hey Everyone, what a changing week. A good week, definitely, but also a week that was full of miracles. It is so weird to think that we can learn so much each and every week in the mission. I have 29 weeks in the mission, so imagine how much I have already learned! Oh, and I'm still here in Camargo. We have 1 more week of this cycle, so after this week we are going to see transfers, we just don't know who...so we'll find out shortly, but yep, still here in good ole Camargito :)

So it all started at the beginning of the week when we weren't having success. We literally looked at our numbers, and the people that we had and everything, and we had like nothing. Nothing. So I told Elder Hangsen, we need to find more investigators. The problem about Camargo is that the members don't want to help. Everyone says that a ward can change, but this ward no....we have worked with this ward ever since I have been here, and I'm sure much before as well. So the members almost never give us references, so we have to work on our own. The way we find investigators is by talking with people on the street. So I remember a few days ago, Tuesday or Wednesday, in the morning before we left the house I said the prayer to leave, and in the prayer I asked specifically that we could have success...that we could find not just one person, but multiple...many people. So as we went out during that day, we worked hard, and we had so much more desire to talk to people. At the end of the day we had a total of 11 visits, which is I think the most I have ever had so far, we had 3 contacts on the street that wanted us to come back and visit them, and then 3 more that became new investigators because we either taught a lesson to them or gave them a blessing. So in total we found 6 new people through our own work that day. So as we got back to the house at the end of the day Elder Hansgen told me, man your prayer really worked. I wasn't even thinking about the prayer until he said that, then I realized wow.....the power of prayer. That definitely boosted my testimony of prayer a TON!!!

So with these new investigators, and the old ones we had, we have been working very hard so that we can have a lot of success. Elder Hansgen and I were counting the people that we have, and this next month, April, it is possible for us to have 13 baptisms at this point, so if we work really hard we will be able to have 13, more or less, baptisms here in Camargo, and that is just Elder Hansgen and I. Elder Ruiz and Elder Ante are planning on having around 10ish......imagine that...around 20 baptisms in one month in Camargo....now that would be crazy, but awesome!!! So yeah, that's where we're at on our progress.

So yeah......so I just wanted to give a shout out now to my wonderful mom!!! I forgot to wish you Happy Birthday last week. I have it written on my calendar and I had it written in my agenda, I just forgot to look at my agenda last week because we didn't have much time to write last week, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! I also feel really bad because there's not much I can do for your birthday, but I am sending some letters and what not, and I'm hoping to send a package as well!! I hope you don't think that I have forgotten about you or something, because obviously that's not the truth, but we are so focused on the work that at times I forget, but yesterday on your birthday I wished you a happy birthday.....I don't know if you heard it or not though ;) oh well....I just wanted to let you know how much you mean to me mom!! I know for a fact that I wouldn't be here in my life if it weren't for you. At times I didn't want to do everything, but now when I look back, and look at where I'm at, I am VERY grateful for what you did for me!!! I want to be a parent just like you and dad were for me!! Thank you for everything, and especially your continued support for me on the mission!!! I love you more than you can imagine momma!!! :)

This last week I also got three packages: 2 from the fam, and 1 from Grandma Val! Thank you so much....food is always what we as missionaries want :) haha, oh and I thought the ties were super funny!! haha, thanks :) This last week I also completed 200 days in the mission.....wow....that is quite a bit of days....haha

So thanks again for everything!! I love you all so much, and I send love and support your way as well!!!

-Elder Loveless



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