Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28th, 2014 Weekly Letter

Hey hey hey! Another good ole´ week in Chihuahua. It sounds like everything has been good...but crazy out there in Saratoga Springs. Tell Grandpa that I send my prayers to him, and tell him that I love him as well! But yeah, so this last week for me was just a bit interesting, not really bad or anything, but just different.

So Monday was just normal, we had our district meeting like normal, and everything else like normal. And let me just say, it's started to get REALLY hot here in Mexico. I guess the hottest part of the year starts in May and goes until August. So pretty much from here until August I'll be dying of heat…but oh well, it's part of the mission ;)

Tuesday also was a normal day, nothing much happened.

On Wednesday Elder Mendoza got quite sick so we had to stay in the house for the first part of the day, so yeah, we just slept until lunch that day. Later I had a really cool experience because like a week ago I had a feeling that we needed to walk down a street and so we did, but nothing happened. On Wednesday we decided that we needed to go back and visit a specific house, so we did and a lady came to the door and had never talked with missionaries so she let us in and we talked. By the end of the lesson she started to pray like we do because she understood why and everything. Yeah.....experiences like that are super cool!!!

On Thursday we put a baptismal date with one of our investigators named Oscar. He has an addiction to smoking, so we are helping him with that. Before he was smoking about 5ish every day, and now we have him down to 1-2 cigarretes every day. We put the baptismal date for the 17 of May, so all we have to do now is teach him really good and help him stop smoking.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were weird days because one of the other elders hurt his leg so me and Elder Mendoza took turns staying with him while the other elder worked with his companion. So Friday and Sunday I worked until 6:00 pm, and on Saturday I stayed at the house with Elder Nueman all day. It was super weird staying in the house all day, and it was funny because Elder Nueman is a little bit of a newer missionary and so he just loved the fact that he could talk to me all in English because his companion only speaks Spanish as well.

So yeah, other than that, I learned a lesson that was very interesting and I liked it a lot, and so I think I'll share it with you all:

So in Exodus 16 we see the Isrealites and Moses. They had embarked into the wilderness because they were to travel to another part of the continent which I can't remember off the top of my head. During this time the Isrealites start to murmur against Moses because they said that he had brought them out in the wilderness just to kill them because they weren't able to get food to eat. So Moses goes to God to ask what to do, and God tells Moses that he is going to send Manna to them...every day he would send it, but Sunday he wouldn't. My favorite parts are verses 19 and 20 and they say:

19 And Moses said, let no man leave of it till the morning.
20 Notwithstanding they hearkened not unto Moses; but some of them left of it till the morning, and it bred worms, and stank: and Moses was wroth with them.

So in these verses they couldn't save the manna for more than one day or else it got bad. In our days we can say that the manna is the scriptures and prayer, seminary and church. We should be partaking of these things daily. Something interesting is that just like the verses, we can't read more or pray more one day and than call it good the next day. It doesn't work like that, it is something we have to be doing every day. Also, if we don't do it, our spirit could eventually 'die'...or we could get to a point where we can't feel the spirit any more, thus, we see the importance of doing all of these things daily. Also, when we are doing these things every day our spirit is going to be strong and we are going to be able to withstand temptation very easily. So yeah, that's my little example of the every day manna that we have. How interesting right?!

So I also heard that about not sending food in packages anymore but I honestly have no idea about the details. I'm sorry, maybe you could ask the other moms if they know more about that.
Thanks for all the love and support. Everything is going good here! Keep up the good work in everything that you all do, and enjoy these last 4 weeks of school ;) Love you all.

Elder Loveless

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