Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March 31st, 2014 - Weekly Letter

Hey Fam,

So this last week was one of the more difficult weeks of the mission. I think the most amount of visits we had in one day was 5 maybe....So this last week we got a call from the secretaries, and they told us to look for a house because we are going to have 3 companionships in Camargo. We have a decent size house, but we can't fit 6 missionaries in our house, so we called the lady that rented the house to the missionaries about a year ago or so, and we got everything worked out with her, and now we have the house and all the furniture in the house. The transfers got changed to Tuesdays. It gives us more time to pack and everything. So we get called on Sunday night, and instead of the next day having transfers, we leave on Tuesday. So we got called last night..........and I have transfers.....yep. We got the call late last night, and Elder Ruiz and I have transfers. All of us 4 have to be in the offices in Chihuahua at 4 tomorrow to receive our new companions and for Elder Ruiz and I to go to our new areas. I have mixed feelings about everything. This is my first area and everything, and I grew some very good relationships with the members here and the missionaries, so it's sad. At the same time, it's going to be good to see another area and everything like that. So I guess you guys won't find out until the next week, but I'll find out tomorrow!

So on top of the new house and everything, we had to go to Delicias on Saturday because we had a meeting with the doctors of the missionaries in Mexico. We had like a 2 hour long meeting on health, because too many missionaries are getting sick. We even learned the proper way to wash our hands....haha yep!!! So to get even better, the day after our health meeting, yesterday, I got sick. Super super sick. I'm still not exactly too sure what got me so sick, but the night before, right after the meeting in Delicias, we hadn't eaten like all day, so the secretaries took us out to Subway, and after I ate my sandwich I felt not very good, so I think it was from Subway. So yesterday morning I threw up 13 times, starting at 5:50 in the morning, until about noon when Elder Ruiz went for medicine that the doctor told me to take. So sadly, I wasn't able to go to church, or do anything, but at the same time it was a growing experience. I felt horrible...it was definitely the most sick I've ever been, but after church my favorite family in the ward came and visited me and brought me some stuff. They're the family Holguin, and they are the best members....my favorite!! And then later that day Hermano Del Real called me, and then later the bishop. So although I was super super sick and I was in bed all day, it was neat to see who really cared about me. This morning Hermano Del Real actually brought me homemade jello which was really good! So yeah...yesterday was probably the worst day of the mission, and now I'm on 3 different pills that I have to take for 5 days. I feel better now, but still weak from yesterday. I'm just glad I don't have to change areas until tomorrow!

So yeah, that was about all of the exciting parts of the week. I'm a little nervous for tomorrow. It's always a little scary right before transfers because we all hope that we get a good companion and that our new area is good and everything like that, but I guess I'll find out real soon! I know everything will be awesome, but it just gets the heart racing not knowing what could be around the corner. But yeah, I got a letter from all of you guys, and a few other people, which was exciting. Packages and letters are always fun! But yeah, sounds like the family is doing good! I'm happy for you all, and I love you all soooooo much :) Thanks for everything!!! Super excited for this weekend....GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! Have fun, and take good notes for General Conference!!! Adios!!!
-Elder Loveless

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