Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5th, 2014 - Weekly E-mail


So this last week was really good. Well was good, but it was kind of another crazy week. It wasn't by any means normal. But yeah.

So Monday was normal. Elder Mendoza ran out of money because he had to pay for the gas which was super expensive, so I had to buy him food. We spent quite a bit on food.

Tuesday was also good! We got to visit one of our investigators named Elisa...the one that we knocked on her door and she let us in. We clarified some of the things that we weren't sure about the last visit, and so we got on common ground again. That night she said that she felt really good about the Book of Mormon, but that she still felt comfortable in her church. She did say that she would continue reading the Book of Mormon and asking God if it is true though. She also committed to going to church with us...not yesterday, but this next week because she was a little busy yesterday. We're getting progress slowly but surely.

On Wednesday me and Elder Mendoza fasted because we realized that we needed a LOT of help from God to get Elisa to know of the truthfulness of the church. Let me just say it was extremely hard. In the mission we always fast for 24 hours, and that day was WAY too hot. And to just make it even better, when it was time to end the fast and we went to the sister's house to eat, she wasn't me and Elder Mendoza had to walk back to our house and make something with the food that we had. Yeah, we think it was because God was trying us to see if we were really going to last the fast. And we did it!!!

Thursday....normal day.....nothing special.

Friday we had random transfers, well not Elder Mendoza nor I, but one of the other elders in the ward...Elder Nolasco. So....on Friday he went to the offices, and his companion, the one that hurt his leg the other week, Elder Neuman, came with us and we became a trio. He is still with us, but today at 4 he is going to the offices to get his new companion. But it was pretty fun with us three, but I think Elder Mendoza was getting annoyed of us because he is a lot more serious, and Elder Neuman and I are a lot more funny, not in a bad way of course, but yeah.
Saturday with us three, Elder Mendoza had me lead the whole day, even though I'm still junior companion, so that was kinda fun. It's a lot different when you have to lead, because in the lessons you talk more, and just lead everything. At the end of the day Elder Mendoza said that I did a good job!!!

On Sunday, because it was fast and testimony Sunday, we fasted again, but it wasn't AS hard because we had church. But yesterday was just so amazing. So we have been working with one of the families of the ward and we have got them to read their scriptures again and to pray more frequently, and we're just helping them a lot, and so we invited all of them to fast and bear their testimonies. They weren't really sure if they wanted to, but we left the invitation with them. So yesterday, there weren't very many members for the first 10-15 minutes of testimony meeting sharing their testimonies, so us three got up and bore our testimonies, after, the whole family got up and all of them bore their testimonies. It was amazing for us to see. Just that family influenced others, because for like the whole rest of the time which was like 30ish minutes, everyone wanted to bear their testimony. It was just cool to see that our work with this family has been bringing many good changes to them. It has got me thinking that the success is not Only in the baptisms, but also in the personal conversion and also in the members and less-actives.

So one of our zone leaders just got made assistant, so we found out our new zone leader and guess who it is?! Elder Ruiz..from Camargo!!! haha, I'm excited that he is our new zone leader because he's super awesome!!!
So I haven't gotten the Easter package yet, but this week the zone leaders are going to the offices so we're gonna see if I get it this week. Also, tell Brother Perez that I have tried the Mennonite cheese. Actually, I eat it like every's amazing :) We always make quesadillas with that cheese, and also with a meat called Chorrizo. Oh, and tell Brother Medford hi too.
So on Saturday I'm going to be able to skype. Saturday at 5:00pm, so just make sure that dad is on his account at that time..well, probably better if he is on a little bit before that time. But yeah, so I'm super excited for that!!!

Thanks for everything my amazing family!!! One third of the way through, and you all have helped me every step of the way!!! Thanks....Love you all MuChOs!!!!!
-Elder Loveless


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