Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 16th, 2014 - Weekly E-mail

           So this last week was just an amazing week! Like, I couldn't see very many bad things that happened, and that felt super good, because I haven't had a week like that for a LONG time. And aside from all that, almost ALL of the days this week we had cloud cover and so it wasn't really all that hot....it got down to the lower 90s higher 80s this last week!!!
           So nothing really happened between Monday and Wednesday, they were just normal days of work.....
           Everything really started happening on Thursday.  So on Thursday we had planned like 4 or 5 really cool visits, so we just prayed the night before that these people would be there when we passed by to visit them....and our prayer was answered. All of the people were there at their houses.   So this is how it all started.
 -In the morning when we left the house we went to a referral that the bishop gave us named Elayne. Bishop had told us that this lady had been reading the Book of Mormon for the last month, and so we needed to pass by to visit her.  So we visited her.  She is 25 years old and received the Book of Mormon from a friend that said that the book changed his life, so she wanted to see why.  After teaching Elayne on Thursday and also on Saturday she told us that she would like to be baptized and also that she would go to church.  She works from 6 p.m. on Saturday until 6 a.m. on Sunday, and still went to church.  She told us on Sunday that she had only gotten 40 minutes of sleep, and was ready to go church and everything in the morning. 
-Later we visited our investigator named Elisa and had a really cool visit about service and baptism, and how they go hand in hand. In the end we invited her to be baptized and she told us she would think about it but most likely yes.  We put the baptismal date for this month, the 28th of June.  
-After we visited one of our investigators named Ruth, who actually speaks English better than Spanish. We taught her about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and everything, and it was all in English. Let me just say it is so weird to teach in English. That was like the very first time in my whole mission, and in the beginning it was very hard, but in the end I got a hold of the language and it was super good!!! She is super excited and wants this to be the only true church more than anything because she wants to know the truth.
-And later we visited an older lady named Alicia (of like 70 years of age). Me and Elder Mendoza have been visiting her for a long time, but she always told us that she would never change religion, but this day she literally told us that she would like to be Mormon, so that was just crazy.
-And then the next day on Friday, we visited an investigator named Brillanda, and went to a huge park in front of her house to teach her, and it was super cool! We invited her to baptism, but literally right before we were going to put the baptismal date with her it started to pour rain. We still put the baptismal date, but we were all soaken wet after! haha.....but we put the baptismal date with her for the 26th of July.  

     So as you can see we saw SO many miracles this last week!  It has shown me that God does really watch over us and that if we work hard and trust in Him with all of our might, mind and strength, then he will provide for us!  Seeing these miracles helps me remember how great of a work we are in, and I love every step of it!!!

     Thanks for all of the love and help you guys send my way! Remember that I love you all, and that everything is okay here in good ole Chihuahua, Mexico!!!  Todays actually good too because there's cloud cover!!!
Have a good week all of you, and good luck Emma in the Manti Pageant!!!
-Elder Loveless

P.S. Because of the World Cup, everyone is crazy here in Mexico. I think the World Cup is like celebrated here more than Christmas!!! haha

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