Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23rd, 2014 - Weekly E-mail

            I love all the pictures that you guys send me! In every picture it looks like you guys grow more and more.  And congratulations to Emma and Mikey and the girls for doing the Manti pageant and everything! I loved the pics!!!  But yeah! I don't know how the weather was up there in Utah, but here in Chihuahua, the whole week was pretty much cloudy, and it rained like every night! We got a little bit drenched some of the nights!!! But this last week was a good missionary week...a good week of work.
          Last Monday was really good! It was just a normal ole P-day, but we had a Zone conference, and it was super powerful!  Elder Ruiz talked about Christ, just Christ.  In the mission, if there's two things that we learn it is how to have a better relationship with Christ and how to recognize the spirit in our lives.  For me, whenever we talk about Christ in the mission the spirit testifies so strongly, and the lessons based on Christ are always the best.  So Elder Ruiz showed us a video of Christ, and how he is with us throughout the mission, and it was so spiritual.  It is a talk by Elder Holland, and he talks about how as missionaries we walk a part of the path that Christ walked.  As missionaries, as well, Christ is with us shoulder to shoulder, so that if we fall a little bit, he is right there to help us.  It talks a little bit about how the mission is not easy, and that it never will be because for Christ it wasn't easy....salvation isn't easy.  It was an amazing conference, and I felt on a spiritual high afterwards!
           So Tuesday was also a really good day.  So in the morning we had a lesson with our investigator Elayne.  We talked about Christ....what we talked about the night before, and it went so good! The spirit was so strong, and so then we invited her to be baptized the 5th of July, and she accepted.  She's super cool and understands everything that we teach her!!!  After this lesson we all had worthiness interviews with President Chavez (we have these interviews like every 3 months or so).  My interview went good, but President Chavez asked me a few things that was kinda like telling me that I was going to have transfers. I'm not 100% sure that I will, but from the interview I probably will have transfers, because President asked me some things that he didn't ask anyone else.  Transfers are tomorrow (the 24th of June) and we find out tonight if we have them, so I guess next week you guys will find out, but I'll find out tonight!!!  Also that night, Tuesday night, it rained a ton, and Elder Newman and I got drenched!! It was fun though......I love the rain!!! 
          On Wednesday it was kinda like a replay of Tuesday in a way.  We didn't have interviews with President Chavez, but we had a cool lesson with Elayne again, and later that night it rained a ton as well!!!  Oh, and in the lesson with Elayne that we had on Tuesday and Wednesday, we had members that came with us, so the two lessons were super powerful!!!
          On Thursday not too much happened, but Elder Ruiz went on divisions with me for just a few hours to teach our investigator Elisa.  Elisa is already ready for baptism, she just doesn't realize it. There was a Family Home Evening specifically for her, and so she got super excited for baptism, but then there were a few of the young adults who said a few things on Facebook that she didn't like, so it became a problem, and she lost her excitement for baptism.  In the lesson that Elder Ruiz and I had with her it was super good, and Elisa said that she would prepare for baptism this Saturday the 28th, but then on Sunday her mom said that she wasn't sure about her baptismal date for the 28th, so we don't know what is going to happen. But I really hope that she gets baptized this weekend!!! I have enough we just have to wait to see if it is the will of God.  
          Friday was just a normal day. We had another lesson with Elayne, and we brought the members again, and the lesson went good again! She is so excited about everything, and already loves the book of Mormon a ton!
           Saturday was normal, but then later in the afternoon Elder Ruiz called us and told us that he was going to have a baptism and that he needed help, so we went. That night we went on divisions after the baptism, and our other zone leader, Elder Palma from Honduras, went with me to our house.  
           Sunday was also good, but super stressful.  You all thought that on Sunday we rest from our labors from the week, but as a missionary it's the complete opposite.  It is the most stressful day because it's the day to find out if our investigators are going to come to church or not.  Elayne was the only one that we had that came, but as always she was super excited to be there! She is always excited to go to church which is awesome!!  But Sunday was stressful because we had to run around to gather up some of the little kids, and then one of the young adults was crying for a certain reason, and so we got our scriptures to help her, and then....yeah. But all in all it was a good day! Every time I partake of the sacrament I feel so good....ready for another week of work!!!  Something that I have been doing during the sacrament is reading 3 Nephi 18. It is when Christ came to America and administered the sacrament to the people of the Book of Mormon.  It is a really cool chapter and you really learn more about the sacrament every time you read it!
          But yeah. So I just want to tell you guys that the most important thing that we do is read the Book of Mormon and pray, so just make sure that you all are always doing those things!  If you do, you will be blessed more than you ever have been, and you will be guided by the Holy Ghost to do what you all need to do in your daily lives.
 I love you so much, and I'll talk to you in a week! Have a good week!!!  Be safe and make good choices!!!

-Elder Loveless

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