Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 9th, 2014 - Weekly Letter

           So how's everything going? It sounds like everything is good! Summer time is always the best right?! The summer is good here too, but let me just say one thing......it is HOT! (I have never sweated as much as I have been sweating here) Here, let me help you all get an idea of the heat here. So it's still Spring, and it got up to just about 110 degrees this last week. We have a new rule in the mission that we have to be inside somewhere from 3:00-4:30.  So we usually eat with the members from 2:00-3:00, and then after if we don't have a planned visit we have to go back to our house to study, because it is hot enough that if we are out in the sun during that time we can get heat stroke and stuff like that, so yeah, this last week was kind of weird because we had to go to our house a few days to stay inside, and then like 1 or two days we had to stay with members for the whole time, so we had long visits with them!!!  But honestly, besides the heat, things have been going good.
           Monday was a good day! We had a normal p-day and then later we had a district meeting with our new district leader, Elder Huerta. Funny story about that though.
           Tuesday we found out that 6 missionaries were being taken out of our zone, and Elder Huerta went with them, so we were found district leaderless.  Later that night, Elder Ruiz, who is our zone leader, called us and told us that he was going to be our new district leader....and zone leader at the same time, so that is pretty interesting!  So on Tuesday we also had a zone meeting that was super awesome! Everything was set up like a formal meeting. We had our names where we were sitting, and it was just a super cool meeting about being courageous.  
            Wednesday I'm pretty sure was just a normal day, except for the fact that we ate two meals again because two different sisters had signed up.....so we got stuffed to the point of explosion that day! haha
            Thursday was a good and crazy day....we weren't actually even able to work at all.  So we started the day with a meeting with President Chavez which was really good! We talked about obedience and sacrifice. With these two principles God will give us success.  When we are perfectly obedient and sacrifice things, that is when the Lord gives us success, and I have seen that here in our area (now called Rio Sacramento 1).  So after the meeting the other two elders that were here in the Lagos area had to move areas, and we got all of their area....so now we have a LOT more area to work.  That day we also switched houses, so we moved into the house that the other two elders lived in because it's a LOT bigger.  It's such a nice house, and it's a member's house, so he is always making sure we have everything we need, and he is actually washing our clothes on p-days to help us out! Such a nice brother. His name is Brother Raya!!!!
          Friday and Saturday were just pretty much normal days!!! On Saturday though we found a new investigator that is super awesome!  Her name is Ruth, and is the daughter of a less active member.  All of her family are members. She has her dad and brother in California who are members, and her mom here in Mexico, she's just the only one who's not, but she literally told us that she has hunger to learn and do the things of God, so that was super cool! Oh, it's super cool because she speaks English better because she grew up in California!  So we taught her the Plan of Salvation on Saturday ALL in English, so that was super cool! She understands and likes English better, so she's super cool!
         On Sunday, we passed by the houses of quite a few investigators, but sadly we had none at church. But even though we didn't have anyone at church, I feel good about the work that we did last week. When that happens you know you did your part! We did our part, but because everyone has agency, they didn't come! Although it was kinda sad, I still felt fine!  It was a good Sunday!
     And later today we get to go to President Chavez's house to eat with them because my companion is in one of the mission's special choirs, and since I gotta go with him I get to eat too :)  But yeah, everything's been going good! I have a strong testimony that in every type of situation, if we have faith, diligence, and patience (the hardest one), the Lord with always bless us with success...not just in the mission but also in the real world!
     Thanks for everything my wonderful family! I feel like with every passing week my love grows for each one of you!!!
Love you all and have a good week!!!
-Elder Loveless
P.S.  This last week I got two packages.....1 from Grandma Barbara and 1 from the youth from the ward!!!! :)

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