Sunday, October 12, 2014

October 12, 2014 - Weekly Letter

              I'm glad to see that everyone is doing good and that everyone is happy!  I love how you are all starting to put in to practice what our leaders taught us last week.  The hard part is being able to keep doing it now and always.  I'm also super jealous that you guys all got to see Meet the Mormons.  Being in the offices, I have seen like all of the commercials for it, and we all have David Archuleta's song that is in the movie, but we haven't seen it.  For now it's not going to come to Mexico, but I hope that eventually it will.  But when it comes out on dvd you should definitely send it to me.  Is it getting colder over there in Utah?! Here in Chihuahua it's still really hot.  And also, in 2 more days I complete one year exactly here in Chihuahua Mexico. It's super crazy.  It's weird to think that like a year ago I was boarding a plane to go to a foreign land, and now I've been in that land for a year now, and now it is normal for me.  But I like it alot!!! Oh, and just wanted to wish you guys happy vacations!!!  It'll be awesome, especially at this time of year because it's starting to cool off more.
                So my week last week was good.  I don't really feel like too many new things happened.  I'm still not 100% sure if I'll be leaving soon, because the Assistants have been hinting at keeping me here, so we'll see. There are 2 more weeks of the cycle, and so far I'm not training, but I'll keep you all updated with any changes that happen.  But yeah, I'd be fine with staying for longer because I do like being financial secretary, but I'd also be fine with leaving. Whatever the Lord wants me to do I'll do. 
                 We did see some miracles this last week with the missionaries from our district. I ended up doing 2 interviews for people that weren't going to be baptized in the first place, and it was super cool. Yesterday was a great miracle as a lady named Claudia decided to be baptized.  She wasn't planning on being baptized so fast, but the sister missionaries helped her come to realize that she did need to be baptized. She then asked me to baptize her, and it was awesome. She was a little bit nervous, but after she was so so happy and grateful.  It's so cool to know people before they are investigators and then after they get baptized.  The gospel changes lives, and I love it, because it has changed my life too...especially here in the mission.  
                    But yeah, so that's the cool parts of my week. There are viruses on our computers so for that reason I haven't been able to send photos.  But thanks for everything you guys do, and I hope you all have a great week!!

Love you all
-Elder Loveless

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