Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11th, 2015 - Weekly Letter


    I also enjoyed a ton talking with you guys on Skype.  I felt a little bad also because of the poor quality of the webcam, but I was just happy that I was able to talk to you and see you all again!  This time, more than the other times after I've talked to you, I am more excited to work hard. Now I guess it's hitting me that I have a little bit of time left.  I finally saw my last general conference in the mission, I have 11 weeks left, I had my last skype call, less than 80 days left.....but that just means that this is my time to shine work harder than I have before.  That's also really exciting about Austin. I'm so stoked to be one of his groomsmen. 

    So for me though it was a different week than normal.  The zone is having a lot of baptisms this month, but there was also a lot of work in the zone leader's area, so I went with Elder Ruiz to visit the zone and do interviews while Elder Hansen stayed with Elder Goldsberry to take care of the areas.  So I got to know all of the areas in the zone. They're all just a bunch of little pueblos, but they're all really cool.  So this week was a lot of traveling, but with a lot of success at the same time. 

    The Lord really blessed us too, because Elder Hansen didn't get to work in the area very much either, but 2 young men investigators came to church, and they both want to get baptized!  So that's really exciting!

    I know there's not much to write this week, and that I don't have any pics, but next week for sure I'll send some I just forgot my camera in the house.

    But thanks for all you do for me. Every time I get to talk to you all and what not, I feel so grateful for being part of this amazing family! Thanks for helping my throughout my life!  I love you all and miss you all tons!!!!

-Elder Loveless

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