Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4th, 2015 - Weekly Letter

    Sounds like it was a good and crazy week for the Loveless fam!  But I guess everything’s normal at the same time.  I don't know why, but as time goes by I love more and more hearing from you guys every week and hear about all of the details!  I feel bad about Emma's ankle, but I'm super stoked for Jon! In just a few weeks he'll be getting his mission call!!!!  Elder Goldsberry, our zone leader with Elder Ruiz here in La Junta, his brother got his call to Wisconsin this last week, and he leaves in August, so I'm hoping also that Jon goes in August so we can spend some time together before he leaves!!!!  And I'm also excited for you mom. Working with the nursery must be really fun!  The little kids here in La Junta are all super funny.  It would be funny to take care of them I think!
    But for me, this last week was good.  It was kind of a rough week for a few reasons, but it was really good.  So the week started out normal, me and Elder Hansen working hard in our area.  Then after that the week got a little bit crazy. 
    So Elder Ruiz, before La Junta, was in Delicias, and this last week the missionaries from Delicias called him and told him that he had to go back so some of the investigators would be baptized, so Elder Ruiz went with Elder Hansen Thursday morning.  It was just going to be a one day thing, but then things happened I guess and they didn't return until Sunday night.  It was pretty rough on Elder Goldsberry and me because we had to run all of La Junta for a few days. 
    But taking a step back, on Wednesday, Elder Hansen and I took off to one of the areas in the district, San Juanito, and I did 2 interviews.  Only one of them was planning to be baptized, but we decided that we would do the interview of his brother, and he passed and had a desire to be baptized, so they got 2 baptisms this last week, so that was really exciting!
    But then during the week Elder Goldsberry and I went to an area called Madera to do more interviews, and they had 4 baptisms, and then we came back to work in La Junta.  Come Saturday it was kinda hot in the morning, so Elder Goldsberry and I decide to fill up water balloons for the mutual with the youth that we were going to have.  So rolls around 4:00 and some youth arrive and clouds come in, and on top of that it started raining a little bit.  So me and Elder Goldsberry are just thinking, crap, now what are we going to do with 100 water balloons, but in the end we played with them and all of the youth had a great time. We all got soaked, and even though it was kinda not too hot, we had a great time.
    It got me thinking, Satan does things like that to us all the time, to get us down. The scriptures say that all good things come from God, and all bad things come from Satan, so from that text we can know that those feelings of feeling down are from's an easy way for Satan to beat us.  But, we have agency....a gift from God, to help us or hurt us, depending on the way we use it.  So after this experience I realized that we are the ones that choose our happiness, or our sadness. When things happen like rainclouds coming, we can choose to still play and have fun, or be sad and not have fun. Satan will try to get us down, but we can choose to enjoy life no matter what he does.  Agency, even though we don't realize it sometimes, is a special and very cool gift from God, where if cultivated, can help make our lives much better than what they could be right now. 
     So yeah. But it was all good. Sunday rolled around, and there weren't very many people at church, so Elder Goldsberry and I taught all of the classes. I taught the adult class from the manual of the New Testament, and Elder Goldsberry taught the youth class. It was a good day because after that we went and married Estela and Arturo, the parents of Rafael and Aelin. We are planning on Estela´s baptism for this next week, now that she's married, so that will be very exciting. 
    So last thing, next week on Sunday will be the last Skype for me on the mission.  I'm excited!!! But I am going to be on at 4 on Sunday. We all had to plan it out good so that we have enough time, so I'll be on at 4. If you could just send me your skype name again to search it on Sunday, that would be great. 
    Thank you all for everything that you do for me!  I love you all so so so much, and I miss you all so much as well!!!  Have a great week, and I'll be seeing you all on Sunday!!!

      -Elder Loveless

P.S.  Today I complete 20 months in the mission......craziness!
P.P.S.  I received the April package, thanks!!! Elder Hansen told me that the sandals are a new thing going on over there. I love them, and the tie, and the candy!!! Thanks :) I wonder what other new trends will be happening after 2 years......woah O.O

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