Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015 - Weekly E-mail


    What a week!  It's kinda sad here in Mexico because they don't celebrate Father's Day at all.  Like it's just another day.  But HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DAD!!!  Thanks for being an amazing example to me and the rest of the family.  I hope that one day I can be as good a dad as you have been to us!!!!!!
    So this last week for us here in La Junta was good!  We worked a lot and then on Thursday I went to an area in the zone called Matachic.  In that area is where the other district leader, Elder Sanchez is, and the zone leaders wanted us to work together for a few days.  On Saturday it rained ALL day, so we were just wet the whole day, but it was way fun! 

    Another reason I went to Matachic is because President Chavez asked me to play the piano for the district conference of the district Madera.  So on Sunday I played piano for the district conference.  In the district conference was the temple president of Colonia Juarez also, so it was cool to hear from him and his wife.  After the meeting President Chavez took me back to La Junta.  His whole family was there so I got to chat a little bit with them. His daughter was telling me all about the new stuff in the world.......craziness!!!!  Also President Chavez' sister came down to visit, and she was there too.  After she got married she moved to Utah with her husband, and they live in Harvest Hills!!! Small world huh! The only thing though is that she goes to a Spanish ward, but she was telling me about everything that had been happening in Saratoga Springs.  Her name is Sister Herrera, and she is in the Saratoga Springs South stake.  Don't know if you know her, but it just made me realize what a small world it is.  Who would've known that President Chavez' sister lived in the little town of Saratoga Springs.

    So yeah, this week we also baptized!!!! I don't have pictures though because I was Matachic when she got baptized, but it was amazing. On Saturday there was a party at the church to celebrate Father's Day, and so a ton of people went.  The zone leaders ended up baptizing somebody, and then after a little girl and her mom told us that the little girl hadn't been baptized before and wants of course, she got baptized right then and there.  She's so cute though.....her name is Cinthia and she's 8 years old.  The Lord has been blessing us tons with all of these people!  I know that This is His work, and not mine. 

    So.......I realized yesterday that in one month is my birthday!!! So like......I'm almost 20.  That is kind of old. Well not like really old, but kind of.  So that's coolio!!!

    Well family, thanks for everything that you all do for me.  I love to read the family's letter every week to see what's happening over there in Utah.  I'm so grateful that I was sent to this specific family!!! I wouldn't change you all for the world!!! Thanks for everything and have a great week!!!!  :)

Love Elder Loveless

P.S.  I'm so proud of Emma for starting to drive!!!! YAY!!!

P.S.S.  That's so awesome mom that you are almost finishing the Book of Mormon again. I'm in the middle of Alma!!!!  LOVE IT!

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