Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8th, 2015 - Weekly Letter


    What Sister Randall said is probably actually why I am companions with Elder Vasquez.  I hadn't really thought about that until just now. Tell Sister Randall thanks!!!  I can't believe that everyone is getting married.  That's kinda weird to me......but it’s okay.  I guess that's one of the next steps after the mission.  And that makes me so happy that dad is going to take off work for a few days to help me out.  That's good because I'll probably need a translator!!!  Oh and also, shout out to Jon for becoming assistant manager at Tenny's.  He's working a lot harder than I did before the mission, and that's going to help him a lot during the mission!!!

    So this last week was pretty good.  On Wednesday we had a really cool meeting with President Chavez.  He taught us about the difference between principles and doctrines, and he used the example of the Word of Wisdom.  The principle behind the Word of Wisdom is not just what we shouldn't consume, but it's that our body is a temple.  Principles are laws that have and will exist forever, and so some people wonder why the Word of Wisdom is a principle if it didn't always exist but it did.  In Noah's time, cigarettes didn't exist, and Christ....He also drank wine.....but it's because it was different.  They couldn't eat certain meats, and things like that.  The Word of Wisdom is to help us have our bodies healthy, and for us in our days it's different than back then.  So that was really cool what President taught us. 

    Then it was also way cool on Friday.  So the week before one of the assistants and Elder Zarco went to talk with one of our 'eternal investigators' and still couldn't crack her, but they did get her to commit to baptism this last week....Friday. So we actually didn't have any time to talk with her until Friday. So we arrived and she was acting a little weird but her husband told us that she wanted to get baptized but didn't want to admit it, so at 6 that night they arrived.....but it took her 2 hours to finally enter the chapel.  It was good though, because on Sunday they all arrived.....with their little boys in tuxes and everything!!!  Her husband is a member, but very inactive, so Ana getting baptized was amazing!!!  That was a miracle!!! :)

    So yeah....that was my week!  It was a lot better than the week before.  Thanks for everything my amazing family!!! I love you all so much!!!  Have a great week!!!!

-Elder Loveless

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