Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13th, 2015 - Weekly Letter


    Looks and sounds like Jon and Emma just loved Trek.  That's so cool!  I'm soooo happy for them!  That's also so exciting that you were able to go to soooo many things yesterday.  Today I had like a million emails, and a lot were from missionaries that just went home. Super cool.  I guess these months are the months of missionaries returning home, but also the months of missionaries heading out!!!! This work will always be rolling!!!
   This last week for me was good!  It wasn't one of the busiest weeks, but it still was a great week, and I learned a lot as well. You know it's a good week when you've learned something new that will help you throughout your life!

    So Tuesday was my companion’s birthday, and I wanted to make it special.  So when we woke up I went and made him a good breakfast.  That was really good. And then, the day before, I gave one of the members some money to buy a cake and balloons and things like that, and it was sweet.  It was all ready and prepared, and then Elder Brown had to go to Chihuahua and took Elder Vasquez with him.  So I called the sister and we planned it for the next day, so it was all good. So then the next day, on Wednesday, we went and one of the kids distracted Elder Vasquez out back on the trampoline, and then we blew up a bunch of balloons and got everything ready, and then called him in. It was really cool, and he wasn't expecting it at all.  After it was all over and we got back to our house, Elder Vasquez turned to me and told me thanks, and he told me that he almost cried. I guess in his home it's not the same, and it meant a lot to him what we did.  I felt so special in that moment.....I think I literally felt the love of was a really cool experience.  I'm starting to realize little by little why I'm Elder Vasquez' companion. 
    So yeah.....that was probably the highlight of the week. We also found a leader in a Christian church, and we've been chatting with him and it's really fun to teach him.  We finally got him to believe in something though, because we taught him the plan of salvation and when we talked about the 3 glories, he thought about it for a second, and told me that he believed in it.  He said that he had never heard of it, but that it doesn't go against his doctrine.  So slowly but surely we're making progress with a Christian church leader.....super cool!

    But yeah, I just wanted to share with you a cool scripture that I read this last week:
I say unto you, it is well that ye are cast out of your synagogues, that ye may be humble, and that ye may learn wisdom; for it is necessary that ye should learn wisdom; for it is because that ye are cast out, that ye are despised of your brethren because of your exceeding poverty, that ye are brought to a lowliness of heart; for ye are necessarily brought to be humble.

And now, because ye are compelled to be humble blessed are ye; for a man sometimes, if he is compelled to be humble, seeketh repentance; and now surely, whosoever repenteth shall find mercy; and he that findeth mercy and endureth to the end the same shall be saved.      -Alma 32:12-13

    When I read these scriptures this last week I realized that literally our weaknesses, trials, and difficulties can help us be saved. A lot of times people don't humble themselves until a trial comes along, but we learn here that if we take the trial the right way, we will truly be saved, because we will repent and be forgiven by God's mercy.   Later on in the chapter it talks about those that are humble without having trials pass, and they are even more blessed. Being humble isn't always the easiest thing.....but it is always the best option!!!  That, I do know.  So choose to be humble......and remember that our trials can help us be with God again one day!

    Thanks for everything my amazing family! Only 2 more weeks pretty much.  Not this Saturday or Sunday, but the next Saturday or Sunday I will be heading to Chihuahua for the last few things of the mission, so only 2 more weeks of work.....this week and next week. I don't really know how I'm feeling, but what I do know is that I need to finish strong!

      Thanks for all the love and support!!! I love you all and can't wait to see you all in just a few short weeks!!!
      Have a great week!!! Take care!!!

-Elder Loveless
P.S. It's really sad that Boyd K. Packer died....that's 2 apostles in the last month.

P.S.S. Elder Hoopes lives in California  

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