Saturday, December 13, 2014

December 13th, 2014 - Weekly Letter


          Sounds like your week was great!  Sounds like everyone is super busy, but that's usually what happens during Christmas time!  Christmas is coming so fast....and I feel like it was just barely Christmas...time flies by way too fast in the mission.  A day or two ago I was on and I was looking at the Christmas pictures to make one of them my desktop wallpaper, and I saw some pics of the Salt Lake temple during Christmas time, and I just remember that it's so beautiful!  Having more than a year without going to the temple is sad. I miss going so much.  For Emma's play, make sure to take a bunch of pics and send me them! I'm super excited for her!  It's going to be super awesome!  Oh and let me just tell you about the weather here in Chihuahua. It's still really hot. Like it's still in the 70's here, and a year ago it was already really cold during this time.  A few days ago it was hailing, but that's the coldest it's got in a while!  So yeah!

So this last week was pretty crazy if I do say so.  So on Monday Elder Beifuss got news that he was going to have transfers, and so on Tuesday he had transfers. It was kinda weird just because I was with him for 6 weeks in the MTC and another 24 weeks here in the offices.  But it's all good! I was about ready for a change in the offices.  Elder Ferrel was the secretary like a year ago, and President brought him back to end his mission, and then the next executive secretary in training is Elder Reynolds.  We still haven't decided on a new financial secretary.  Elder Ante is not going to be the next one, he's just helping out here in the offices, so we're still waiting until we find out who will be the next financial secretary, but for now I'll be here in the offices for another month or more.  But I kinda like the changes that have happened here in the offices. It was too long for me being the same way that it had been.  I didn't like changes of anybody in the beginning of the mission, but now they're pretty cool!  Changes are new beginnings and it's pretty cool!  

          Also this week came some new missionaries to the mission. There were 4 Americans and 4 Latins, and the cool thing was that all of them came from the Mexico MTC. They're starting to send all of the missionaries that come to our mission to the Mexico MTC, which is super cool!  But yeah, just like how missionaries came, 8 missionaries left.  It was kinda sad because like all of the missionaries that left are super awesome!  Two of them were my zone leaders, 1 of them the assistant, and the others I knew very well.  We woke up at 4 that morning. Long day....

          Also we've been planning the Christmas party in a week from today! It's going to be SO amazing, and all of my card’s money is gone now because I've bought everything.  So Applebees is going to cater us for our Christmas feast. That is going to be amazing! And then we rented a few candy tables that are going to have chocolate fountains.  Oh it's going to be super awesome!  This is going to happen next Saturday so I probably won't be writing you guys on Saturday, but probably the next day, Sunday, or maybe even Monday.  Just so you're aware!  And about Skype, I'm still not 100% sure what time I'll be able to call you guys, but next week I'll tell you for sure what time. But what time would be best for you guys? Give me a few times that would be better for you all, and then I'll figure out what time works best for me.  I'm really excited!!! :)

          About BYU.....I would appreciate it a lot if you could still finish the application for me.  Just to have more options in the end.  With more options I'll really be able to figure out which school is best for me!  Thank you so much mom!  And I really wouldn't want to go to Dixie. I've heard it's kinda a party school, and I don't really want that.  I want a school that puts a lot of emphasis on the church as well.  

          But yeah, that was about it for my week!  Everything is going good! I didn't feel as stressed this last week! So that was good!  This week may be a little bit stressful, because the whole mission is coming on Saturday, and that is also the last day for me to finish everything that has to do with finances for this year.  Gotta make sure we end on a good note!  So wish me luck!

Thanks for everything that you all do! I'm so proud to be a Loveless :)

Have a great week!

Love you all!!!!


-Elder Loveless



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