Saturday, December 27, 2014

December 27th, 2014 - Weekly Letter


     Well I sure do have to agree with you mom that my favorite part of this week was Christmas, because I got to talk to all of you guys!  It was an amazing Christmas!  I'm glad that you guys had a great Christmas too!  Enjoy this last week of Christmas break, and have a great New Year!  I love the pic that you guys took! Who were some of the people that commented on the picture?  I would also ask if you could send the pics with Grandma Val and Emily as well!!! But yeah, it was super fun seeing you guys again!  Jon and Emma, Emily and Ashton and Dace, everyone's grown up....soooo weird!  I'm glad you liked your gift mom!  I thought you'd like it :)  Oh and I hope that all of your shirts fit you, and that you liked them as well!  We're you guys able to try the candy?!?!

     So yeah. Apart from talking to you guys on Skype, it was a great week of Christmas spirit.  On Wednesday, the 24th, we went to a hospital and sang to the children there and gave them candy.  It was a super neat experience as these sad depressed kid's faces gleamed with joy as we gave them a little bit more of Christmas.  We met some kids in some pretty sad situations, but they were all so cute.  

     Also, the 25th, Christmas day, after I talked with you guys we went to eat with a member, but we ended up going to her parent’s house and ALL of the family was there. And the majority of them weren't members so it was crazy.  Everyone was just yelling and it was kinda funny. After, we went out back and they had a piñata that we broke.  After it broke one of the older ladies there started grabbing candy and then she started throwing it everywhere and pegged this really old lady in the was super funny, we were all laughing at this family.  And then later they threw this super loud firework by our feet and it exploded and it was SO loud that I thought I was in a war zone or something.  It was crazy.

     Later after we went back to the offices we prepared ourselves a little bit and we went out and went Christmas caroling.  That was super super awesome and spiritual.  We went to a few of the older members and they just felt so happy. One of the old sisters of the ward said that it was always her dream that some young men would go to her door and sing to her, so we accomplished her dream. And then we also sang to 3 random people and they all said that they wanted us to go back and visit them, so that was super cool. I don't know, but this Christmas I felt something different....just a really strong joy for what I was doing......all in all it was a very special Christmas for me!  

      Also earlier today we went to Chihuahua Centro and bought a few Mexico toys, and then we found the BEST churro store ever.  It's this cool store called Churros and Chocolate and they stuff the churros with different flavors, and it's so good!  

      But yeah....I would have to say that this Christmas I truly felt the true meaning of Christmas.  My testimony definitely grew of Christ and I'm proud to be one of His dedicated servants at this time.  Thank you all for your love and support!  I'm so glad I was sent to this family!  Love you all so much! Hope you have a great new year!  I don't know what I'll be doing yet, but I'll for sure be setting some goals!  Have a great week!!!!!!!! Take care!!!


-Elder Loveless

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