Sunday, December 21, 2014

December 21, 2014 - Weekly Letter


     Wow!!! What a week!  It sounds like the whole world is pretty busy during this time of year.  And that goes the same for us here in Chihuahua!  Sometimes it stresses me out....but then comes Christmas day, and everything is so calm and perfect.  That is the spirit of Christmas.....if we feel peaceful and calm and's because we're feeling the true spirit of Christmas. Christ is the definition of Christmas, and He is love, and tranquility, and peace.  

     But this last week was good here in the mission.  Pretty much this whole week we were preparing for the Christmas party that took place yesterday!  We also saw a miracle this last week when President was waiting on his Mission card for like two weeks, which had the rest of the money that we needed to finish buying what we needed for the Christmas party, and it arrived literally the last day that we were allowed to use money as a mission. So that day I called Utah and everything to figure out when it was going to come, and literally right after that it arrived. Then President came running over and we went to go finish buying everything. And then me and Elder Reynolds were the first ones to get smart phones in the mission.  Supposedly this next year slowly but surely the missions in Mexico are going to be changing to smart phones. In the US and Europe and areas like that everyone has smart we're slowly changing.

     So the Christmas party went great!  The only thing was that it was kinda weird being secretary, because I had to make sure everything went smoothly.  I didn't get to eat much either, because I had to make sure that the missionaries had enough food first.  I did get a little bit of Turkey though so that's all that counts!!!  I was pretty much running around the whole time, but it was cool. I feel that I was really living the true meaning of Christmas as I was serving others. I don't think it was the same at the beginning of my service as a secretary, but now I like serving other people...helping them out and making sure everything is good for them!  Service has become something that I like!  Now that I'm probably getting close to leaving the offices, I realize that I have learned a lot of things.  Maybe in different ways, but it's been a great experience! And it shall continue for the rest of my life, because this life is the time for us to prepare to return to live with God.  

     But yeah! So I'm also super excited to talk with you all on Christmas day.  For now the hour will be at 11:00 am.  I am not 100% that it will stay 11:00, but unless I tell you otherwise, it will be at 11!  Hope you all enjoy the package I sent as well!!!  

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only through Christ is salvation possible.  Always remember that!  Especially during this time of Christmas!  Get to know Christ....and then Always follow His gospel!  

I love Him....and I hope one day I can say that He is my best friend! 

Have a great week!

See you on Christmas!

Love you all!!!


-Elder Loveless

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