Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6th, 2015 - Weekly Letter


    I love getting your pics every week to see how much fun everyone is having and how much everyone is growing up!!!!  I'm so glad that everything is going good. Sounds like you all had a great Easter!!!!  (and Mom, I did receive the St. Patrick's Day package!!!! Thanks :)  But just how you guys were saying, I can't believe that all of us are growing up so much!!!  It is so weird.  At times I think about my life and everything, and I can't believe I'm at where I'm at. I'm growing up!!!!!!! My companion Elder Hansen is actually like a week older than me, but the members were saying yesterday that I look WAY older than him. The mission really matures you.  But it's awesome....I love it, and even more now! I love La Junta.

    So it was a crazy/good week here in La Junta Chihuahua.  It was kinda crazy, but really good.  So I think on Wednesday I went with Elder Walker, one of the Zone leaders, to an area in the zone called Madera, which is another little town that is about 2 and a half hours away.  So at Madera we went and talked with an investigator of theirs and got him excited to be baptized, and so he got baptized that same day! It was sweet!!!! So then on Thursday we returned to La Junta.

    After that, on Thursday, me and Elder Hansen went with the family Torres, and it was like the final showdown kind of a deal.  We talked with them all, and we finally got Rafael to say yes, and their mom finally gave Aelin permission to be baptized!!!  We were so so happy.  So the next day was the baptism, and it was just so special. I think that it was one of the most special baptismal services that I've had so far.  I felt the spirit so much.  I had the opportunity to baptize Aelin and confirm her as well. When we entered into the water, she was so nervous, but now she's so happy.  Aelin is really cool. Later that night after the baptism she gave me a note that said how much she loves me. She wrote that I'm her favorite, and that she never wants me to go ever. I kind of got teary eyed because we have been through a lot with her. In the beginning she just prayed that her mom would give her permission, and then whenever we came she always told us how badly she wanted us to convince her mom.  She's just this little 9 year old girl, but she's like my best little friend!!! Like my little sister here in La Junta. Also, we have another baptism planned for this next weekend!!!  His name is Cayetano.....the only thing he has to drop is coffee, but we're working with him hard this week!!!!

    And I agree that my Easter was great as well!  It was my last General Conference in the mission........I can't believe that I've already seen 4 conferences in the mission!  I got to see it in English, so that was good.  We didn't have as many investigators as we would have wanted, but it's alright. I loved so many talks.  I loved Elder Hollands talk.  I felt like it really got to me because he talked about the kid and his brother climbing, and I loved rock climbing before the mission.  I got this feeling throughout conference this year to not give up, and keep on trying.  I wrote in my notes for quite a few of the speakers to Never give up.  I also liked the one about music. How the gospel is the steps to the dance, and the music is the joy we feel from it. I liked that one a lot.  The first one from the priesthood session was also cool. Talked about how the apostles choose where we go on the mission!!!  I liked a lot of the talks, but more than anything, I think I liked how a lot of the talks were on the fact that it's not too late, and to never give up.  I also felt, like not too strongly, but a little bit, how some of the talks, like from the first session on Saturday, applied to me after the mission. Like there was one about dating right away, and to find your spouse fast after the mission, and one of my favorite quotes was, " RM does not mean retired Mormon." I liked that one a ton.  But all in all, Conference was amazing again!!! I loved it!!!!!

    So other than all of what I said, Rafael really amazed me. Right after his baptism he asked how fast he could receive the priesthood, and how he could be a missionary.  That made me so happy. He really wants to be a missionary!!!  I am so happy for him!! The Branch President interviewed him yesterday for the priesthood, and next week he's going to receive it! I'm so stoked for him! In two weeks he'll be blessing and passing the sacrament!!!!  I hope to keep in contact for him to see him when he goes through the temple in a year and decides to serve a mission!!!  Yay!!!!

But yeah, so that was my busy but awesome week! Thanks for all of the love and support!!! I love you all so so much!!! Hope you all have a great spring break!!!!  and remember....Never Give Up!!!!

Love you and miss you all!!

-Elder Loveless


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