Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 13th, 2015 - Weekly Letter


    Wow! It sounds like your Spring Break was awesome!  Well.......Pretty awesome!  When I hear about Jon doing all these things like senior pics and his mission papers, I just remember those days when I was there......and it seems like so long ago now. About 2 years ago!  But it makes me so happy that everything is going good for him, and that everything is going good for Emma as well!  Sounds like the fam is doing good. The only one that I don't really hear about anymore is's dad doing???

    So this week was really good for us, and very enjoyable too.  So we started out the week making Donuts!!!!!  There's a missionary in my district named Elder Sanchez, from DF, and before the mission he was a baker, and sold what he made, so he taught us how to make donuts!!  And they were really good as well!!!!

    Later that week, on Tuesday and Thursday, Elder Hansen and I went to Guerrero to talk with one of the investigators over there.  Guerrero is about a 30 minute bus ride from La Junta.  We found out that all she needed was to realize that we're normal people.  She never told us exactly why she didn't want to be baptized, but we realized that that was what it was.  Once we just started talking like normal people, she wanted to be baptized.  She wanted the happiness that we as members have!  So this week she is going to be baptized. We wanted her to last week, but for other problems she didn't get baptized.

    Also, this week we had another baptism! It was kind of crazy.  So his name is Cayetano, and his baptism was going to be on Friday, and then it was going to be on Saturday.....but he fell through both days.  So we were like, oh well, next week we'll have another shot at it.  So Sunday morning, we're just waiting at the door greeting people as they walk in, and all of a sudden Cayetano walks in and says that he's ready, and just runs to the bathroom to start changing. We ask him for what??? And he says baptism!  O_O   Oh....okay. It was 10:00 and church was going to start, but the branch president brought everyone in and we all watched his baptism, so it was kind of cool!  That same day, he and Rafael received the Aaronic priesthood! It is so cool to see someone's progress like this. Rafael still amazes me to this day, and I'm so excited for next week to see him passing the sacrament!!!!  I had the privilege to give him the priesthood. Something I have never done, let alone in Spanish!  So that was awesome!

    Also there are changes today.....but Elder Hansen and I are staying together here in La Junta.  We're loving it here. The zone leaders are having transfers so we're going to get a new zone leader! But it'll be cool!

   Also cool fact.........we got free SWEET soccer indoor shoes for free this week!!!! So sick! I think I've gotten a lot better at soccer on the mission, but who knows!!!! But all in all it was a great week!

Thanks for everything that you all do! 
I love you all and miss you all as well!!!!
Have a great week!!

-Elder Loveless      

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