Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April 27th, 2015 - Weekly Letter

Hey Family,

    Sounds like your week last week wasn't too crazy, but that's always good!  Sounds like this next week is going to be good for all of you!  There's going to be some big news next week!!! That's exciting.  That is really cool though how Vivant put an internet tower on our internet is pretty neat!  And about soccer, that would be cool if you could sign me up for a club team (but I'm pretty sure there's a team).  I've grown a real love for it being out here on my mission in Mexico.  Also, it's fine with astronomy.  I'll take it.  I took it in high school, so it can't be that much harder!  It'll be good!  But I'm excited and happy that everything is going good for you guys!!!

    So this last week was really good for us.  I feel like it was a harder week, but in the end we had a lot of success.  During the week we made a plan for all of our investigators that can be baptized in the month of May, and we realized that we have a lot.  So we've been working a lot on all of those investigators.

    This week was kind of weird because it was a cold week. Like half of the days of the week we had to wear sweaters and jackets because it also rained a lot. One day it rained the whole day pretty much without stopping, and since the majority of the streets in La Junta are dirt, we got pretty muddy that day.

    We did see the fruits of our work yesterday though, as we brought 6 to church.  We brought one of our investigators that was drunk, and he couldn't make it the whole meeting because he was so drunk. Funny drunk people in Mexico.  Also, we invited one of the youth of the ward to bring her friend, and she did it. Her friend was really interested, and she even accepted a baptismal date for about half way through May.  She's super excited and likes church a lot. 

    This next weekend though should be awesome, because we are planning on having the baptism of the mom of Rafael and Aelin. Her name is Estela. Also, Estela's mom is here, like the grandma of the kids, and we might get her baptized this weekend too, so we are going to give it our all to get them ready. Next weekend we are also going to marry Estela to her husband, because they're still not married, so that will be fun too.

    So random little cool thing that we learned. So we were walking around and there's this one park that's like in the middle of our whole area, and all of the youth from all of La Junta go there to play, so we go there a few times every week and find all of our youth investigators.  So one time we went and they were playing marbles.  Marbles??? That's like an old people's game right??  So they started showing us how to play, and marbles is SO FUN.  Me and Elder Hansen after that went to buy ourselves some marbles.  Kids here play with old things.  Sometimes Elder Hansen and I feel like we are in the 80's here. Crazy stuff. 

    Also just now while Elder Hansen and I were writing, an old weird man came in the ciber super mad, and pointed a stick at me and started chanting something and then ran away super fast.  There is no such thing as a normal day in La Junta, but I love it.  It's such an adventure.

    But thanks for everything!  I love hearing how everyone is doing. I wish everyone luck this week with everything that you're all doing.  Thanks for your love and support. Love you all and have a great week!  Can't wait to see you all in 2 weeks on skype :)

-Elder Loveless

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