Saturday, July 19, 2014

July 19th, 2014 - Weekly Letter

              So this last week has been pretty good, but I was kinda bad at keeping track of all that I did, so if this email is short or weird by any way, I apologize ahead of time!!!  
             So first of all, last week on Sunday we were contacting people in the streets and knocking on a few doors and what not, and so we went to a person that said that we could come back when we wanted, and so we did!!!  He didn't answer though, so trying to be proactive I told Elder Beifuss that we should go to the we did it!  Little did we know that this family would accept us.  So the dad came out and told us that he had stopped drinking and smoking and all of that stuff, and that he wanted help so that his family could get closer to God, so of course we accepted and he told us we could come back in a few days, so we did and it was a really good lesson. The dad wasn't paying as much attention because he technically wanted help for his family, but his family was really intent on listening to us.  And, the cool thing is that there are 5 people in the family over the age of that would be like the other family that I baptized in Camargo, so now it's just up to God and us to help this family, but we're super excited!!!  It's our first investigators in this area!!!  Other than that, in the aspect of investigators we have been contacting a lot of people and passing by people's houses, and we're getting people to teach, now we just have to follow-up with everyone to be able to have more poeple to teach.  
        In the offices everything has been going good too! Still learning more frases in Spanish and what not, and today actually an Elder (Elder Hernandez) had to go and get surgery on both knees, but he has been with us for like this whole last week!!! Feel bad for him......both knees....that must be pretty painful, but yeah!  So we're going to take turns sleeping with him in the hospital for 4ish days, so I might be sleeping in the hospital one of these days.  But for me in the offices everything's going good!!!  I ate at this super good Chinese restaurant this week and that was super good!!! But yeah!!!
      Oh and one more thing....I finished the Book of Mormon again this morning, but this time I took notes for every chapter and it was amazing! Now I know the Book of Mormon so much better, and the stories amaze me!!!  Like for example Captain Moroni and his valor as he goes to battle against the Lamanites and always returns, and the 2000 stripling warriors...or better said, the 2000 courageous youth!! We also have the amazing conversion story of Alma, and how he baptizes millions after, and then Nephi and how he had to put up with his brothers. We have the amazing talks from King Benjamin, and Samuel the Lamanite, and all of the words of wisdom from Lehi and Alma to their children. The Book of Mormon is the best book in the world, but more importantly....I know it is the word of God, and that Joseph Smith truly translated it by the power of couldn't have happened any other way....he couldn't have made it's too's true. I love how I felt after I finished, and the whole time I was reading it.....and I'm excited to start it over again.
I know the Book of Mormon is true, and I testify of it in the name of Christ...or Redeemer and Savior, and I share this with you all in His name, even the name of Jesus Christ.........Amen.

-Elder Loveless

Have a good week, I love you all so much!

Oh and Grandma Val gave me lots of food and Grandma Barbara gave me a cool canteen tie (a tie that I can drink water from ) haha!

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