Saturday, July 26, 2014

July 26th, 2014 - Weekly E-Mail

           So this last week was a really good week! I think that it was probably the best week so far here in the offices.  We were able to go out and work every day, and so we had more success than normal, which of course is good. When one sees someone else go through the conversion process it helps that same person go through it too, which is why I love so much teaching people and helping them come unto Christ, because I myself as well grow closer to Christ! But yeah, lets look at the week.
          So of course I don't remember exactly what I did every single day, but I remember the big events that happened, or the cool things that happened, so yeah!
           This last week, on Thursday, we had a Centro de Visitantes (or Visitor's Center) in the church, and so we went like 2 hours earlier (because it was at 8 p.m.) to the family that I told you guys about last week and then they went to the Visitor's Center!!!  It was the coolest thing to see them there! I just remembered being so so so happy!!!  In the Visitor's Center, me and Elder Beifuss were in charge of the Celestial Kingdom along with the sisters, and it was sooo cool!!! The whole experience was cool because a lot of people came and it was a walk through of the plan of salvation, but in person!!!
          Also yesterday we went to a less-active family, and their daughter is 9 years old, and has wanted to be baptized for a while, so we were able to put a baptismal date with her for the 30th of August, and the whole family is going to go to church again, but not just go one time, but keep going! So we are going to help this family reactivate and help the girl get baptized!!!  
        Other than all of that we had a lady named Lluvia (or rain in English) commit to go to church tomorrow, and so we'll see how everything goes!!
        But thanks for all of the birthday wishes!! It was really cool because it was all in Spanish, but I loved it!  I was still really busy, but God gave me many gifts...or miracles this week, so it was really cool! It was a good birthday...and I'm 19 now!!! haha, how crazy!!!!
           So random fact....I was looking at Family Search, and I think 6 generations from me, we have somebody named Parley Pratt Loveless. He married Martha Perry, who is the daughter of Mary Hoopes, and Mary Hoopes' father, Jonathan Hoopes Sr. is also the great (x4) grandpa of Elder we're related not too far back....weird huh!!!

But yeah, it was a good week. With each day I grow to love the mission more and more! I couldn't be doing anything better at this time in my life!! I love you all, and hope you all have a good week!!!
-Elder Loveless

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