Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July 1st, 2014 - Weekly Letter

            So this last week was just super crazy, and I'm not exactly sure what happened every day, but here is what I do remember.
            So I had transfers......on Tuesday.  That day I went to the offices and found out that it was true...I'm now the new financial secretary (in training).  
             What happens is that there are 2 executive secretaries and 2 financial secretaries, but one of them is the main one and the other one is only in training, so right now I'm one of the financial secretaries but in training to be the main one. President said that in 3ish months I'll be the financial secretary, so right now I have to learn what I do very good. 
              I don't really know what exactly to say because I feel like the week flew by, but it was a good week.....learning in the offices!!!!
             So as financial secretary I put in all of the reembursals (I'm not sure if that is the right word, but in Spanish it's reembolso) for all of the missionaries. So whenever the missionaries take a taxi or buses, or have to pay for gas or the electricity or the water, or more things, they make a reembursal sheet and I put it in the computer and do all of that stuff. 
              My second job is to order the missionary plaques for those that ask me for them, which has been a lot these days. So I make a form and send it in, and then the plaques get here in a week or so.   I also call Utah to order stuff for missionaries (and it's in English so it's pretty cool), and then I also order online stuff for missionaries, like refrigerators and washers and stuff like that. 
             My third job is to help Elder Zarco, the main financial secretary right now.  For example...a missionary lost his bank card, so we had to call The Bank of America and cancel the card, and since Elder Zarco doesn't speak English, I did the talking.  
            Other then all that stuff, it's been crazy. For example, last night we had to stay up till 12 (midnight) waiting for elders to get to our house for transfers today. After that, we had to wake up at 3 to bring some elders to the airport and so I'm running on 3 hours of sleep today.  When we were in the taxi I just relaxed and slept a little bit.  
             Also, last week from Thursday until Sunday I went to an area called Girasoles (sunflowers) because Elder Vazques's companion had to stay here for some stuff, so it's been crazy.
            Oh and guess who is my companion:
                       Elder Beifuss again.....from the MTC.....haha yeah. He's like the executive secretary in's kinda funny. So we're companions out in the field, but here in the offices I'm companions with Elder Zarco.  
            So you should write now before Saturday, like Friday, because Saturday is our P-day, just that I wasn't here on Saturday because I was out in Girasoles working with an elder.  But that is why I like haven't had time to write because we don't have very much time during the week to do stuff like that, but on Satudays we do. And we have normal P-days until 6 instead of 4 like the normal missionaries.  
             Oh and it's super funny because our house is pretty much the mission house, so missionaries stay in our house like every night almost! But it's cool.
             So yeah, there's a lot that has happened, but since I don't have too much time and it's been a crazy week, I'm sorry for the randomness of this letter, but just know I'm fine, and I'm enjoying it here in Granjas/the offices (that's the name of my area-granjas).  
            This Saturday my email will be a little better organized and not so random and weird, but I love you guys soo much! 
Have a good week!
Talk to you guys on Saturday,
-Elder Loveless

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