Saturday, July 5, 2014

July 5th, 2014 - Weekly Letter

Hey family,
                 So it hasn't been too many days, but still, these days have been good and crazy, and just everything. I've been learning a lot of important lessons, and I like have been realizing a lot of things about myself, but it's been fun, because although sometimes all 4 of us secretaries stress out a lot, we always try to have a little bit of fun so we don't stress out too much.  But yeah....
                 So on Tuesday it was actually super cool, because every first Monday or Tuesday of every month there's a zone leader meeting, and then after they always eat super good, so as secretaries, of course, we don't go to the meeting part, but after President always invites us all to eat, so we ate super good that day.  Right after that though it was pretty stressful for 2 or 3 hours because pretty much half the mission came to the offices for transfers and for materials and packages.  One of my jobs includes working with the materials. So I order like all of the mission pamphlets and Books of Mormon and everything like that. I also order all of the house things like refrigerators and washers and that kind of stuff.  So when all the leaders came I had to give out a lot of materials to everyone, and also I gave out everyone's packages, but it was just kind of stressful because we didn't finally have a break until 2-3 hours later, and then people were trying to get in the restricted part of the offices, where only we can go, so yeah. But it's part of the work. That night some elders from far away slept in our house, and one of them was Elder McKay, so I finally met him!  But the elders were talking all night so it was kinda hard to sleep.
               Wednesday was also good, it was actually calm in the offices....Elder Zarco took me to teach me how to deposit money in our mission account and everything like that, but it's interesting, because everything that we do with the mission money we have to keep an exact account of that. So for example, everything we buy we have to do something called facturar the receipt, which I don't know what that is in English, but yeah.  Even if we deposit money into the account we have to keep a perfect account of that.  So yeah, so I learned how to deposit money into our account and how to put it in the church records.  After that, it was like 9 in the morning so me and Elder Zarco went to eat breakfast at McDonalds, and that was good. First time I've eaten McDonalds in Mexico. Later that day we didn't really have time to work in the offices because we had to go help some sisters move into a different house, and me and Elder Zarco had to go to the owners house and 'debate' if you want to say it like that, to get her to rent the house to the sisters for cheaper, and so that was crazy. I met one of those sisters, and I found out that she is from Lehi and knows like a ton of the people that I grew up with, so that was funny.  
               Thursday was normal, I finally put in all of the reimbursements that I had, which was like a billion, but now I'm finished!!!  Later in the afternoon we finally had time to work out in the field, and me and Elder Beifuss contacted a few people and we have times to visit them today, and that's awesome because before Thursday we had nobody to work with, but now we have opportunities.
               Friday was good too, very similar to Thursday, but there were a ton of elders here for immigration and stuff, so I saw like Elder Whitney and Elder French, and Elder Newman, and a few other elders that I know from the mission. It's kinda weird because being in the offices you get to know everybody in the mission, and you get to know all of the areas in the mission, so that is pretty cool!!!  But Friday night, or last night, Elder Beifuss and I worked again and contacted a few more people and so now we have more people to pass by for, but we're excited!  We kinda have it really good here in the offices because we are in the offices until 2, and then we go eat with a member, and then we are in the offices again until 5ish, and then we work out of the offices until 9, so we skip the hot part of the day!
                As a secretary we have a ton of perks, but it's because we work so hard. Almost everyday I just have been mentally and physically dead.  Like I literally feel like I am learning Spanish all over again because I never knew any of the financial terms before, and it's not like I would learn them unless I came here. So everyday I learn more financial terms....but sometimes I don't understand anything, and before in my other areas I understood everything.  But it's good, because who might come in handy in the future.  The only stressful thing is that I found out that I'm one of the first American financial secretaries that this mission has seen for years, because the Americans just can't understand as well, so President and God have a LOT of trust in me.  But luckily I still have like 2 and a half months to learn good!!!  
              So yeah...things are good here! I don't know if I already said this, but I received a package of food from  you guys!!!  I love receiving those packages ;)  I also received a letter from bishop!!!
               But yeah, so thanks for everything!!!!  This upcoming week is going to be amazing!! Love you all!!!! Have a great week!!!
-Elder Loveless

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