Sunday, August 17, 2014

August 16th, 2014 - Weekly Letter

           I'm sorry if this email isn't the longest email, but this last week was kind of a normal week, just in the offices for the majority of the time, but there were quite a few cool things that happened!  But how cool that you guys are all in Burley. Those were always my favorite times......swimming, driving Aunt Denise's car, the Mexican food (even though I eat it every day ;) and spending time with the fam.  I feel like just yesterday I was there, thinking about the mission like the whole time! How time flies......
         But this last week was really good!  Even though it was a normal week, we were able to leave a few more times to work, and I enjoyed it a lot!  So we went with our investigator named Mariana (the little girl of 9 years of age) and we finally found out the necessities of the family, and why they didn't go to church, and we attacked that point and now they´re going to come to church tomorrow...but for sure.  Mariana has been wanting to be baptized for a long time, but the problem was that her mom doesn't ever take her because she never could, but now we helped them out and they´re going to go to church!!!  We have her baptismal date for the 30th of this month, so that'll be awesome!!!
         This last week we also found a man named Pablo who is just the most sincere awesome old man I have ever known, and he just wants to follow God´s path the best he can, but he told us he needs help!  What better investigator right? But that's just the beginning. He told us how he found out that we prohibit coffee, and we thought, great, he's not gonna want to hear more, but he told us that he agrees with that, because he knows from personal experience that coffee is bad.  He doesn't drink alcohol, and when we pulled out the Book of Mormon and showed him it he started to tell us that he had been looking for that book for a ton of time, but never found it!  He told us that he believes that it really is another testament of Christ.  He's just the perfect investigator!!!  And we are thinking that he's for sure going to be baptized in the first part of September! He works on Sunday, but he's going to go to church first and then work after! I already love him and we've only worked with him for like a week!  So cool!
          Oh yeah and also, I realized something a little weird.....
--------tomorrow I only have one year left on the mission------------------------------------------------------------------
                          only one year left.....I can't believe that almost a year ago I arrived as a newbie in the MTC. Time does go by so fast. But I love the mission so much, so I'm so glad that I have a year left! I'm planning on changing a lot of lives :)  More than in the first year!!!

   And than other than everything that I have said, today Elder Ridd and Elder Pieper came to the mission and talked about real intentions and helping investigators be (auto suficientes--I don't know how to say that in English)(maybe dad can translate). It was just so cool because I left with so much revelation...I'm just ready to go out there and teach everyone!!! Elder Ridd, after when we shook hands, made a joke about my last name...Loveless.....hahaha, good one Elder Ridd...super funny. First time I've heard that one :P

But yeah, so thanks for all the love and support!!  Have a great time at Burley, and good luck with school!    LOVE YOU ALL!!!

-Elder Loveless

P.S. I got my new shoes yesterday...thanks so much :)

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