Saturday, August 23, 2014

August 23rd, 2014 - Weekly Letter

           Hey everyone?! How are we all?  I love being able to see all of the pictures to see how everybody's doing!  Sounds and looks like you all had a blast in Burley, and that school started out...super interesting, but that's good! Making memories!!!
           So this last week here in Mexico was very good!! One of my favorite things is that the weather is starting to get cooler.  But the weather is super weird, because during the day it gets hot still, like up to 90 degrees, but during the afternoon at like 5-6 it starts raining for a few hours and then it cools off in the nights.  But yeah, now that the weather is cooling off, Hermana Chavez gave us a new rule that we have to start taking Vitamin C so that we prevent getting sick in this changing period. So  yeah, let's hope I don't get any colds any time soon!
          But yeah, just like you all saw the pictures, Elder Zarco, Elder Palma, Elder Cooper and I went with President Chavez and Hermana Chavez to Parral, and Elder Zarco and I went to buy stuff for missionaries, and it was nice because we went to this peaceful little doblado stand, and they were super good. Doblados are like burritos, but only folded over one time, not rolled up.  The city Parral is super peaceful!! I like it! It would be cool to go there after I leave the offices.  But so yeah, while President Chavez and Hermana Chavez were giving the meeting, Elder Zarco and I went to Walmart and bought stuff! I saw Elder Hiskey too!!! That was cool!  And then it's true, on the way back from Parral I was just so tired so I fell asleep...didn't know that they had taken pictures!!!  But it's just super cool, because being with President and Hermana Chavez in a car like that for 2 hours is super different. They were just joking the whole time....they're soooo cool!!! I love our leaders in the mission!
          Later, on Thursday we had a meeting with President Chavez and Hermana Chavez here in Chihuahua. I loved it! President talked about Pride and the natural man. It was really interesting, because he helped us realize that everyone has some form of pride, and the challenge in life is to conquer that pride, or in other words, put off the natural man.  President helped us learn techniques to overcome the natural man, and get rid of him.  He explained to us that every time we have a temptation, or bad thoughts come in our minds, or things like that, we just have to fast, or do something that our physical body doesn't like so that eventually when the body wants to do that or has that temptation it doesn't affect us because our body doesn't want to do that thing like fasting. It's cool, and I really want to arrive at that point where my spirit controls my body.  So yeah, that was a cool meeting!!
         Also, we're preparing our investigator Mariana for baptism next week, so we're hoping that everything goes good there!  We hope she's ready, because she really hasn't come to church yet, beside when she was a little bit younger.  But yeah, we're slowly finding more and more people! 

The Lord is hastening his work, not us.  I am a strong believer that the Lord already has people ready, and as missionaries it's our job to find those people!  It's the coolest thing in the world when you find somebody that needs help and has been looking for it but hasn't been able to find it, and then realizes that that help is found in our church......God's church.  

I love this work, and I'm so glad to be here as a servant of God for 2 years of my life!!
I hope you all have a great week! enjoy school and work!!
And remember...I love you! But God loves you all more!!!

-Elder Loveless

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