Saturday, August 9, 2014

August 9th, 2014 - Weekly Letter

             So this last week was pretty good! It was definitely not a normal week, but I guess every week as a secretary isn't normal! So since this last week was the first week of a new cycle (there are 6 weeks in every cycle), new missionaries arrived!  There were 6 natives (4 elders and 2 sisters), and 5 elders from the US. It was just funny though because it brought me back to my first day here in the mission...being new and a little scared of being in Mexico, and just feeling a little sick.  And I look at them, and I was at the same level as them when I arrived, and then I look at how I am now, and it is just super weird to see that I have changed. It's really hard to see one's personal conversion, but now I realized how far I've come....and I still lack a year! Wow!!! The mission is so amazing, and gets more and more amazing as time gets on, and I think it's because as a missionary we learn new things everyday, and as we put those things that we learn in practice, we progress, and we get closer to Christ....and God, and so the mission seems so much more fun....even in the hard times. I'm so glad that I have a little bit more than a year still, because I love it!
           But so yeah....when the newbies came, Elder Zarco and I went to buy food for the natives, because they were going to eat breakfast. We then ate breakfast with them, and then a few hours after, the ones from the US came, and we went out and ate at the same restaurant that I ate at when I arrived in the mission....I loved it...because this time I knew Spanish!!!  I then had a little training meeting with the Americans about the finances of the mission!  Two days after that we had a group of 5 missionaries that left....and one of the missionary's family came, and now they're around visiting Mexico a little bit. It was kind of weird because I have not seen an American family for like 11 months.  Elder Yates also left....I think you know his mom right mom?  So yeah...that was pretty crazy. 
          So something amazing that I've been learning is the importance of the Book of Mormon!  I've been realizing that pretty much every single verse in the Book of Mormon has some kind of principle in it....if it wasn't that way, it wouldn't be part of the Book of Mormon. With only the Book of Mormon someone can gain a perfect testimony of everything that is taught in the church! 
          I also heard something really cool from Hermana Chavez. She was teaching us yesterday, and she told us that in her Patriarchal Blessing it said that she was going to prepare spirits for the second coming of Christ....and she said that she always thought that it was going to be her kids, but she then told us that she realized when she got her call, she realized that the spirits were going to be I thought wow....Hermana Chavez really is preparing us for the second coming....and President too.
          That was the coolest thing to hear from Hermana Chavez, and it made my spirit just boost. I felt so much better about everything, and I just feel strong with the spirit.....ready to confront anything and everything! I love this all, and I'm happy for the success that we've been having. We weren't able to leave the offices too much this last week, but we will this next week! Also, one of the new elders is staying with us for a while, Elder Fife. It'll be fun!
Have a good week and I love you all!!!
-Elder Loveless
P.S. I'm going to send a package soon to you all 

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