Saturday, August 30, 2014

August 30th, 2014 - Weekly Letter

            I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing good!  The first few weeks of school are always fun but stressful at the same time. Luckily here the work is all year long!!!  
            So I'm sorry if my letter isn't very long today, but most of the time last week we were just in the offices finishing work since it's the end of the month and we have to make sure all of the mission's cards are in zeros and everything like that (if you know what that means).  So yeah, it wasn't a bad week, but a very busy week.
          So this last week President pretty much told us that Elder Zarco is going to be leaving the offices on this coming Monday because it's his turn to leave, so this last week I had a lot of training to get to know what I will be doing exactly for the next while.  I didn't realize it but the Financial Secretary does a ton of work. They have to make sure that every little thing is right when it comes to money, but it is super cool and I love it. It literally is almost like a game at the end of the month when we have to use math to make sure everything ends in zeros! 
           But this last week we didn't really leave the offices, but we had a visitor's center so that was fun. I love setting up the Plan of Salvation in the church and seeing how everyone reacts to seeing how the Plan of God really works!
          So yeah, and then something that was pretty funny was that President Chavez came to the offices one day and he showed us the Facebook page and he just thought it was soooo funny that the pic of me sleeping had like 4,500 (more or less) likes, and all of the other pics with baptisms and what not only had like 2,000 likes. 
         But yeah, so everything's going good! I'm a little bit anxious for this next week, but I'm excited!!
So I'll talk to you all next week!!! Have a good week and be good and choose the right :) 
Love you all,

Elder Loveless

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