Sunday, August 3, 2014

August 3rd, 2014 - Weekly Letter

            So this last week was a little bit weird.  I actually didn't get the chance to go out of the offices to work very much, but at the same time it was really good!
            So starting on Monday it has been raining every day. Not all day like where dad served his mission, but it's been raining about every afternoon at about 6ish, and it's really weird here in Chihuahua I guess because here it never rains until like Octoberish, and then in October it only rains a little bit, so that has been super nice.  
          But on Thursday we had a meeting with President Chavez which was super awesome! We talked about faith and how with faith we can literally move mountains, so with that same faith we would be able to baptize a lot of people, right?! So then we all starting thinking, then why don't we baptize like we should be, and then that is when President starting talking about how we can increase our faith in Christ, and it was super cool!  We learned that the more obedient and diligent we are, the more our faith increases, and then that is when we can feel the spirit more and have more success, so after the meeting I went and thought about my life as a missionary, and made some goals to be more obedient and diligent. I'm not saying that I'm a sinner, but we always can improve in everything, so I'm going to see this week and see how it helps me.  But it was an amazing meeting with President. I love and treasure every meeting that we have with him.
         So on Friday we found about all of the transfers that are going to happen on Tuesday, because it's a new cycle, and so since 11 missionaries are coming and only 5 missionaries are leaving, the assistants had to open like 3 areas, so Elder Zarco and I had to go and buy some stuff.  But we went around the WHOLE mission practically.  We left at like 1ish p.m. on Friday, and we barely returned yesterday at like 9 p.m, and for that reason I wasn't able to write you guys yesterday.  But I'm not going to lie, I was exhausted, but it was awesome.  First on Friday we went to a city called Parral which is 3 hours south of Chihuahua, and when we got there it was raining...pouring....and really cold. I was so surprised.  Also, when me and Elder Zarco went to eat at this one restaurant, a member family from Lagos was there, and that was super weird to see them in Parral, but it was cool to talk to them again.  So Parral is really cool because the streets are literally hills, like it looks like a roller coaster. It also rains a lot more then the other citys, but it was super beautiful....
         After Parral we went to Delicias, where I've already been, and it was really hot in Delicias. Actually, Friday night we stayed the night with the zone leaders in Parral, and then we left early on Saturday, at like 8ish, and it was like 3 hours from Parral to Delicias.  I got to see one of the members that I had known in Delicias which was cool.  But after Delicias we went to a city called Cuauhtémoc, which was about 2ish hours from Delicias, and let me just say, Cuauhtémoc was the weirdest of all of the cities. So in Cuauhtémoc there are a people called Menonitas, which are like a group of white people, but they all speak Spanish of course, and they all wear dresses and weird clothes. They look like the people from Little House on the Prairie.  But there's a LOT of those people there. So when we went to Walmart in Cuauhtémoc, like half of the people were white, and it was just weird to me.  Also in Cuauhtémoc there are a lot of the original people called Tarahumaras, and they're like the Indian type people that you see in pictures of Mexico and what not. So in Cuauhtémoc it's a mix of Menonitas, Tarahumaras, and then the normal Mexicans from Chihuahua, but it was just interesting. But I liked it a lot. The weather is a lot cooler there, so it's cool.  It's also extremely green....I loved it!!!  Oh and we went to KFC in Cuauhtémoc, and the owner is a member, so he gave us a 25% discount.....oh yeah!!!
      So yeah, after that we returned to Chihuahua.....and that was my week. In 2 days we were in a bus for about 9 hours, but it was good because I started reading this book called Jesus the Christ, and it's extremely long, but I got to read that for a while....and it is amazing. I have learned SO much about our Savior Jesus Christ, and my testimony has grown so strong of him. 

I love Christ
I know that he suffered and died for every single one of us
I know that he pleads with God for us when we repent
And I know that everything he does is out of pure love for us

Nobody else in the world loves us so much

Thanks for all you guys do for me....I love you all so so so much!!!
Have a good week!!

-Elder Loveless

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