Saturday, November 1, 2014

November 1st, 2014 - Weekly Letter

           I loved the pics of Halloween.  I love that Emma dressed up as a Mexican, and then as a pineapple, and then Jon as a zombie. Emma did pretty good on that makeup.   But yeah, when Elder Oldham left I was kinda sad because he was one of my favorite missionaries.  But I got to drop him off so that was cool.  And congrats on the 5 years in the house. I still haven't completed 4 years, but I'm so glad that we are still living in that house.  It's nice...I like it!!!
   So it's been a pretty crazy week.  But it has been a really good week at the same time!  It started with Monday when the new missionaries came, and that was a crazy day but cool. These new missionaries that came are super cool. There were 14 of them, and all of them were really cool.  It kinda reminds me of our generation, because we also arrived in October, but of last year.  So yeah, I got to know them pretty good.  
    In the transfers that just happened we opened up 4 areas so I had to buy stuff, and it was crazy. I just think it's funny because when we buy things for houses...especially for multiple houses, we just have a bunch of carts full of stuff.  People give us the weirdest looks, like we're crazy or something....and then it's even weirder when the price is WAY high and then the card passes....yeah people look at us super weird, but it's's just the missionary life.  
     So now since there are only 2 months left of the year I have to make sure that everything is perfect, that we don't have any debts as a mission and that everything is nice and organized how it should be, and it's probably going to take me the 2 months because I have daily things that I have to do that keep me busy without the extra chores.  So now it's time to start doing that.  Right now I'm working on a thing that I'm going to do with our financial boss in Mexico DF that is going to help us have exactly enough money to end the year without any debts, because right now we owe some money to the bus company we use called Omnibus, but I'm working on that. But I think this week is going to be a lot more of gluing and cutting things than computer work, but it's all fine with me. I'm super excited for it all!
       I just wanted to share a little story that I was reading in the Book of Mormon yesterday while I was studying it.  So I was reading in 1 Nephi 17 and I saw a cool pattern.  This is when Nephi is commanded to construct a ship, and his brothers murmur and don't believe that he can do it, but then Nephi starts reprimanding them. Starting in about verse 25 he says, You know.....You know...You know....all the way to verse 46.  He reminds his brethren that they already know of the power of God and what it can do, and that they already know that everything is possible through God, and just a bunch of stuff. And I realized that it's the same with us...God is always telling us through his servants that we already know everything, so than why do we forget?  We are all members of the church, so we have all had at least one experience that made us know that this church is the true church of God, so we need to remember these experiences.  Maybe we had a cool experience while reading the Book of Mormon in the past, but now we're not reading the Book of Mormon every day, but we already know the power of the Book, and so we need to have those experiences guide us again to reading the Book of Mormon every day. I just thought that that was cool. We all know the church is we need to let it's teachings guide us now!

        But yeah, thanks for all of the love and support! I love to hear week after week that everyone is doing good! Have a great week and remember to achieve all of your goals this week! Shoot for the stars and be successful!!  
I love you all!!!

-Elder Loveless

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