Saturday, November 8, 2014

November 8th, 2014 - Weekly Letter


Sounds like your week was good. I'm glad to see everyone is doing good! I think that's super funny about Elder Oldham...he's such a funny guy!! We also got our house cleaned, so that's a good thing!! Haha

So my week was pretty good as well! We started off the week good here. There were a few transfers this last week on Tuesday, and now you're not going to believe who is now here with us! Elder Ante is here in the offices with us now! The thing is though that he's not going to be taking mine or Elder Beifuss' place, he's just here for a few weeks to distress himself, but he's helping us out here in the offices, and it's a good thing because we are in need of help! But it's awesome, and he's changed a lot since we were together in Camargo. So yeah, it's been nice with him here in the offices with us.

Also, I think I already may have told you guys, but I have like a boss...someone that I go to whenever I have questions or need help, and she works in the church center in Mexico DF, so I just call her by phone when I need help or have questions. Well, she sent me an email that said that we now had to have everything organized perfectly in binders, and that everything has to be perfect and things like that, so now I have to work on that. Also I have been working on a little project that is kind of complicated to explain, but pretty much we have to pay this bus chain called Omnibus every month, but it is super expensive and it uses a lot of the money that we have on the mission cards, so I am working on getting their information to be able to make them one of our providers, making it possible to pay them online every month, thus not using the money on our cards, but using the money directly from the church funds! It's really interesting how it all works, but I'm working with people that are really high up there, so it's kind of stressful because they wanted their money before, but we're waiting a little bit. Elder Ante is now helping me with the reimbursements, so now I have one little thing less to worry about.

The week was good but I just feel super stressed out. I don't know why, but the other day I was just thinking about things, and I realized that if missionaries don't have materials, or if they don't have money, or if this or that, it lies on my head, and this month we're running lower on money because of some things that happened, so for that reason it has been hard. There are some sisters that called me from one of the farthest areas away telling me that they were cold in the nights and that they didn't have warm water, and they're like 3 and a half hours away by bus from Chihuahua, and since we're running low on money I can't do much....I just kinda told them like to pray hard to keep yourselves warm or something. But there's just a bunch of missionaries that always ask me for things, and the mission just doesn't have the money for it. It's gotten to the point that missionaries don't even ask me how I'm doing any more or anything like that, it's just like I want this or I want that. Those few missionaries that take the time to thank me really make me happy! The thing though is that I know that Christ will help make it all work. This is His work and glory so He'll make it all work out for all of us. It's kinda weird being the financial secretary of a mission, because you see the hand of the Lord, but in different ways, like in making big decisions and helping with making things work. It's really cool seeing that.

Although it has been super stressful, and this may or may not sound funny, I have seen things that apply to our lives. I feel like this is how being a father will be. Knowing that everything is over our heads, and that we have to make sure that the family has what they need. I also realized that I was like those missionaries at times, I just asked for stuff and didn't thank as much as I could have. It's weird how the mission really prepares you for life. I just hope I don't have this many kids... :P I think now the attribute I need to learn more is love, because just how some missionaries are annoying to us in the offices, we may or may not have children like that. Christ loves everyone equally, and I think that is something that I need to be better with.

So yeah...that was my week. I am hoping to get a lot done this next week! I'm excited for this winter time!!! I'm already getting excited for Christmas, because I'm going to be able to skype you guys from here in the offices!!! But yeah, I hope you all have a great week! Stay strong and work hard! I love you all so much!!!

-Elder Loveless

Mientras más fuerte sople el viento, más fuerte crecerá el árbol...

The stronger the wind blows, the stronger the tree becomes...


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