Saturday, January 17, 2015

January 17th, 2015 - Weekly Letter


    Well it sounds like you've all gotten in the game rage lately! I remember times like that before the mission when all that I wanted to do was play board games with the fam!  That's super fun for you all!!  And I remember before the mission seeing that expansion. Alvin and Dexter are like a dinosaur and an alien or something like that right?  Sounds fun!  I'm also super excited for Jon and Emma! Over all of the years as a youth, I never had the opportunity to go to trek.  That'll be so awesome! And thanks for informing me on the new dates for Burley.  I was honestly struggling in choosing a final date. I was between the 29th and the 22nd, but I didn't want to choose the 29th because I was thinking that that same day we were going to Burley, so I was going to come home the 22nd, but then I felt it was too early, so this helps a lot. I'm almost 100% sure now that my release date will be the 29th of July.  I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT AUSTIN is returning from his mission this week?!?!  I remember him posting on Facebook two years ago that he was so excited to serve.......but it doesn't feel like 2 years.  Scares me~~~~~~~~~~~

     But yeah. This last week was good!  I didn't get as much time as I wanted to to work out of the offices, but I'm almost done with all that I have to do. I have a few deadlines for a few things this coming week, so to not procrastinate, I've been working a lot on those things.  But I'm really excited for this coming week.  The new elder is going to come in, and I'm going to start training him.  It was really cool because President told me to start to pray to figure out who would be the next secretary, and I didn't get any real clear answers. So while we were walking with some zone leaders last week they started talking about an elder in their zone, and just a little story about him, and it came to me very strongly that he would be the next financial secretary.  When I went to President I told him 3 other names that I had thought of, and then last I told him that I felt strongest about this one elder, and then President just sat there, and then he said.....that's the one.  Me and President both felt super comfortable with this elder. His name is Elder Barroteran, and he's from Tijuana, but he knows really good English.

    This last week I learned something really cool from my patriarchal blessing.  So just during the day this last week I had the feeling to read my patriarchal blessing, and so since it was at the house, I read it the next morning for my personal study, and I saw something really cool.  It said that Satan is very powerful, and that he desires to destroy my testimony, and then it gives me a list of things that I should do. And then after the list it says, and if you do these things, Satan will have no power over you.  I'm not saying I'm a huge sinner, but when I read this I just said wow.  It gives me the ingredients in my patriarchal blessing of how I can make Satan powerless in my life.  And I realized that I hadn't been putting them all into practice to the fullness. So that's my new goal for the next work on those parts.   That will be the best day....the day that Satan has absolutely no power over me.

     Also this last week we brought the rest of the family to church.  All 5 of them! It was so cute to see them all there and enjoying church.  Also we brought one of the couples to church, and they were super excited too. 7 at church!  It was pretty chill!!  The family has a baptismal date for the 7th of February, and the wife of the couple has a baptismal date for the 14 of February (Valentine’s Day). The family is named Family Delgado, and the wife of the couple is Denisa.  We're super excited to bring them to church tomorrow, and we hope to bring more to church!  Our goal is to baptize every week in February, because this year in 2015, the area presidency predicts that most all of the companionships will be baptizing every week, so we're going to start in February!  My last month in the offices! It will be fun!

    Also this last week we saw Meet the Mormons!  President got a copy of it in Spanish, and so we all saw it!!!! I loved it. I got kinda teary eyed in a few parts....especially with the mom and her missionary, like when he's saying goodbye to his family and his little sister just starts bawling.....reminds me of when Emma started crying.  Good thing I'm past that part.........that was hard.

    But yeah! Thanks for the continued support! I love you all so much! Have a super awesome week!!! Enjoy your day off of school on Monday, and READ the Book of Mormon!!!

Love Elder Loveless

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