Monday, January 5, 2015

January 3rd, 2015 - Weekly Letter


     Wow! Sounds like you all had a good/crazy week. I think it's kind of funny that Emma got sick, well not funny, but I'm always the one that gets sick during the holidays, so I guess Emma just had to take my place!  But it sounds like for the most part everyone enjoyed their holidays!  This whole time period is awesome. You just feel the spirit of Christ so much more.  I hope you all put good goals.  My goals this year are a little bit different than last year’s goals, but we'll see how everything goes.

     Even though it was a new year this week, it was just a pretty chill week.  Elder Ferrel finished his mission and Elder Ante had transfers, and so now just Elder Reynolds and I am here.  But I'm actually really happy that I can be here during the beginning of the year.  What happened is that when I arrived I was taught how to do everything, and I did it all exactly as I was taught.  But now after seeing how the money works for the second half of 2014, now I know what works better and what doesn't work so good, and so I can change everything now that it's 2015.  I'm doing a lot of things to make it easier for the future financial secretaries, because this last month was SUPER stressful because of everything that the secretaries has not ever done.  But yeah, I'm happy to start the year here.  

      Also today 12 missionaries went home.  It was weird, because I got to know just about every one of them, and they were all really good missionaries.  It's super weird to think that they all left.  But it was also funny because this lady saw my name (from my green card) and then just started calling me Zachary and joking around and stuff like that, and I was like....whoah lady. I just came to pay for extra baggage fees.  But it was super funny. Nobody has called me by my real name in a long time.

     So yeah, my New Year’s eve party really wasn't a party. We didn't really do anything. Elder Reynolds received pudding packs so we toasted with pudding. That was cool!  Then we went to bed early. I know it sounds kind of lame, but we can't stay up until midnight anyways, so going to bed early felt really good. Especially in the offices. The more sleep we get, the better things go....or at least that's how I feel.  

     Also, yesterday President redid the presentation with our parent’s hands, but he showed the hands of the newer missionaries. I remember more than a year ago when he did it and was just a greenie and didn't know any Spanish, but I had to go up and talk about mom.  I don't know why, but they mission really makes a person love their family more, and just have more love for everyone.  Because now if they were to ask me what my parent's hands have done for me, I think now my answer would be different than a year ago.  Those hands took me when I was just born, and grew and shaped me until where I am now. Those hands worked until they couldn't so that we always had food in the house, and a shelter where we could stay.  Those hands changed diapers, fed me, cleaned the house, and made sure we were safe. Those hands held a Book of Mormon and guided people to baptism.  Those hands grasped me and held me safe. They hurt me at times as well, but more than anything.....they put me on the path that leads to God.

       Thanks for everything mom and dad....for everything that you have done for me.  I'm so grateful for you guys because you've always been there for me.  Even in the mission I've been able to see how much you do for me, even if it’s just praying for me. Thanks :)

But yeah....2014 was great! It was the only year in my WHOLE life that I'll be 100% set apart as a missionary.  No other year will be like that. 

Cheeeeeers to 2015!!!!!

I love you all!!! Have fun starting school again!  Hope your 2014 was great as well!!!! 

Enjoy life....and read the Book of Mormon!!!


-Elder Loveless 

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