Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 31st, 2015 - Weekly Letter


    Sounds like your past week was pretty chill!!  I just kinda love the weeks where not much happened.  There should always be a few weeks like that.  And for you mom, I just feel like your life doesn't ever slow down! But that is alright, because when Christ was here he never ceased to work either!  I'm also glad that everything is going good over there!  As long as everything is going good, I'm happy for you all!!  

    So week was a pretty chill week too. Like not too many Big things happened, but it wasn't a bad week either. I liked it! 

    Saturday night our investigator family (the Family Delgado) invited us to eat with them for dinner.  It was really good as well! Claudia (the mom) made like this chicken filled with bacon and cheese.....SSSOOOOOO GOOOOOOD!!!!  And then her little girl (Sarai) was like the little waiter! haha, she had a little towel on her arm and was serving us whatever we wanted (she's super funny because she's only 9 years old).  We then taught her about faith....and it was an amazing lesson!!! 

    Sunday was chill, and the family came to church!!! YAY!!!! We had to push their baptismal date back to the 14th, Valentine’s Day.  They're not married by the law either so I think on the 14th we're going to marry them too!! Just like Valentine's Day last year!!!!!  They're going to get married AND baptized the same day......that will be super cool! I'm super excited!!!

     On Monday was the zone leader leadership meeting, so Elder Reynolds and I planned the food and everything like that, and we ended up getting a really good banquet that came to the church.  There were like 4 or 5 different stages of food.  In Mexico a lot of times food comes in stages. Like first they give us soup, and then vegetables, and then the main plate, and then the desert. It's not always like that, but a lot of times they serve food like that.  So the soup that we got was broccoli soup served in a roll as the bowl.  So like we could eat the 'bowl' too!  Broccoli soup....totally didn't like that before the mission, but I love it now!   (I know, this email I'm talking a lot about food....sorry).

    Tuesday and Wednesday we're just normal days.  Not too many crazy things happened.

    Thursday was a really good day!  You're going to think that maybe I'm a little weird, but I just loved it so much!  So Elder Reynolds and I went out to work early, so we just started contacting people because we really didn't have anywhere else to go, and we got rejected time after time after time. So then we decided to go with one of the investigators of the sisters because they weren't going to have time to pass by, so we went and there was a Jehovah´s Witness that was taking care of the girl (investigator).  So you know, we're all nice and say hi and everything, and then she just starts to yell at us, just starts going into this 10-15 minute speech thing about how Jehovah is God and stuff like that (that is the only subject that they ever talk about).  And so then she just kept rambling on, and I just got this smile on my face.  I felt happy. Here I was getting yelled at by a Jehovah's Witness, and I just smiled.  Later when we got away from her I just told Elder Reynolds that that lady made me happy, and obviously he asked why, and I just said, it means I'm working again!  It was just a normal missionary experience, and I enjoyed it!  It got me excited to keep working, and later that night we contacted a bunch and we got a lot of people that accepted us!

    Yesterday was good too! Not much happened. It was Elder Fangupo's birthday, so we went to this restaurant called Pampas do sul.  It's like Tucanos from Utah where they just keep giving you different types of meat while you have the little turner thing on green!  It was really good!!! So yeah, it was a good birthday for Elder Fangupo!!!!

    So lately I've been reading in probably the hardest part to understand in the Book of Mormon......2nd Nephi.  I like it, but when it uses the references from Isaiah I just get all confused, and then in Spanish more because if I don't understand the words in English, how am I going to understand it in Spanish.  But at the same time, Spanish has helped me understand other parts that I couldn't understand in English! Cool!  Although I don't understand very well, I feel the spirit so strong.  Like I remember that there is a chapter where Isaiah sees God, and then a little angel comes to him with a burning coal and puts it on Isaiah's tongue, and then his sins are forgiven him.  It makes me think that repenting ourselves of our sins never is times it can hurt a lot, but it for sure will work, because God wants to forgive us, and He has given us the way to receive His forgiveness.....through His son Jesus Christ!  Although the words of Isaiah are so confusing, they all apply so amazingly to our lives!  It just takes a lot of praying and revelation to reveal the principles.

    But yeah! Thanks so much for all you do for me! Elder Barroteran is learning good!  Everything is chill here in the offices, and I'm still enjoying the little time I have to be one of Christ's representatives!  I love you all so much! Have a great week!!!! Work hard and play hard!!!

 -Elder Loveless

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